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BBE Guitar/Bass boosters user reviews

  • BBE Freq Boost

    BBE Freq Boost - "Bad rendition of a classic pedal"


    Nothing special here: Input, output, power jack, power indicator, stomp switch, battery compartment, volume knob. Overall a very very simple pedal. No midi, or anything out of the ordinary. UTILIZATION So not commenting on the sound quality at all…

  • BBE Boosta Grande V2

    BBE Boosta Grande V2 - PurposeToMelody's review


    BBE Boosta Grande Produces up to 20dB of clean gain without affecting the original sound Engineered and built to withstand the abuse of life on the road Hardwire bypass LED operation indicator Non-slip rubber base Easy-access 9V battery compartment I…

  • BBE Boosta Grande V2

    BBE Boosta Grande V2 - "BBE Sound Inc. Boosta Grande"


    Mine is the older style BBE Boosta Grande with the Blue and White paint and not with the orange and the picture of the bull. It has a simple button switch with one knob for level. I purchased this pedal from an ebay store about a year ago and I paid…

  • BBE Boosta Grande V2

    BBE Boosta Grande V2 - Rockmonster's review


    This is a clean boost pedal.. 1/4" true bypass.. I'm assuming this is an analog effect.. (durrr) Definitely NOT rackable... bulletproof construction. UTILIZATION Uh..1 button. 1 Knob. Wow. No manual necessary. Anyone can do this. It is a clean…