BBE Boosta Grande V2
BBE Boosta Grande V2

Boosta Grande V2, Guitar/Bass booster from BBE in the Stomp Boxes series.

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PurposeToMelody 03/21/2011

BBE Boosta Grande V2 : PurposeToMelody's user review


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BBE Boosta Grande
Produces up to 20dB of clean gain without affecting the original sound
Engineered and built to withstand the abuse of life on the road
Hardwire bypass
LED operation indicator
Non-slip rubber base
Easy-access 9V battery compartment
Included External Power Supply


EXTREMELY SIMPLE. literally one "boost" knob and a footswitch.


Through a Laney GH50L with a Les Paul and MIA strat.

A very simple pedal, I use it for leads mostly, it just fattens everything up and makes open chords sound HUGE. I love it for that, especially with the Les Paul. With the strat on the clean channel with just a little bit of break up this thing also screams, I LOVE it for bluesy stuff, really makes everything THICK.
Bad: with the LP if you put the boost past about noon it starts to sound pretty brittle and muddy, and that is my only real complaint, but if you want to thicken up a tele or strat, by all means, run it up as high as you want and blow peoples heads up. I also found that it pops pretty loud because of the true bypass which can be VERY annoying live, but its kind of un-helpable.


Overall I LOVE this thing, especially if you buy it used like I did, its seriously a great pedal minus my one complaint about it being a bit brittle and muddy. overall I love it. go buy it.