HomeBrew Electronics Compressor Retro
HomeBrew Electronics Compressor Retro

Compressor Retro, Compressor/Sustainer for Guitar from HomeBrew Electronics.

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ProgTony 03/30/2007

HomeBrew Electronics Compressor Retro : ProgTony's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
This is a compressor what is most simple: a level of compression (sustain) and volume (level).

Personally, I love it when the effects are minimal, simple and pro. I do not want unnecessary features or "cool" that are actually sales pitches. The RPC is a box in mtal TRS solid, with a true bypass and two buttons, that's all. It's all analog, hand made, and the design varies copies (all trs funny and original).


Eum ...

less be really bte ...


Well, unfortunately I have not tried a lot of compressors, but it is wonderful. The sustain is long, trs, trs long. The CPR is perfectly transparent, and above all, there is almost no noise (in comparison with all other compressors for guitar!). Right now, it is the first effect of my string and so it sounds the best. It interacts well with all my instruments. It's pretty fun to bottom compression dbiles To create effects, because the CPR is pretty extreme!

I have nothing wrong.


I just said above, this is a great compressor trs trs pro quality, solid, transparent, powerful (so versatile) and TRS vintage look.

His only default is the price for a lev compression pedals, or $ 220 Canadian, but hey, it's price.

Nothing wrong, those who caused the Boss taient know how to go;)