Guyatone MDm5 Digital Delay
Guyatone MDm5 Digital Delay

MDm5 Digital Delay, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from Guyatone in the Mighty Micro series.

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MGR/John Gorbe02/19/2011

MGR/John Gorbe's review"Guyatone MDm5 Micro Delay"

Guyatone MDm5 Digital Delay
The MDm5 has tiny dimensions at 2.6' (W) x 3.9' (D) x 2.3' (H). Despite the size of this delay it sounds great and has intuitive controls to set it the way you need it. I'm a professional guitarist/instructor with 31 years experience. I produce instructional videos for Elmore Music and perform with the band, 3 Hour Tour.

I acquired the MDm5 from Godlyke Distributing to review and also to upgrade my pedalboard. I've used this unit at gigs as well as on recording sessions. The MDm5 can be purchased for $199.75 USD.

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The MDm5 Micro Delay is a digital unit that features 3 main knobs across the top of the unit: Level, Time, and Repeat. With these typical settings it's possible to create 'The Edge' type delay which subdivides the beat or subtle delays that adda bit of space to your sound or anything in between. The MDm5 also features a high roll-off knob that adjusts the tonality of the repeats. Analog tones can be simulated by reducing the high end producing a warmer sounding repeat. Another useful function I found was a mode switch that selects 3 different ranges for delay time: Short equals 20-160 ms, Medium equals 80 - 650 ms, and Long equals 330 - 2600 ms. I'm really impressed with the range of delay and how easy it is to change different ranges by this switch - really useful stuff on a gig!

Guyatone made life easier for the working musician by placing the input and output jacks on the back, leaving the sides empty so the player can sit this series of effects directly next to each other and save room on a pedalboard. Since the size of this pedal is so small this is a great feature that breeds consistency in every concept associated with the build quality and construction of this unit.

There is really nothing negative I can say about this pedal. It does everything it's suppose to with ease and efficiency.

The MDm5 is a really nicely constructed pedal with a cast-aluminum housing, true bypass vintage style footswitch that feels solid, and knobs that turn smoothly. This unit is made to last in any player's rig!

Guyatone has a real winner with the MDm5 Micro Delay. Delay times up to 2.6 seconds, the ability to warm repeats with high-end roll-off, top-mounted jacks to save space, and a mode switch to activate different delay times quickly all make for a great delay for any guitarist.

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