Delays/Echos/Phrase Samplers for Guitar
Delays & reverb pedals Delays/Echos/Phrase Samplers for Guitar
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Delays/Echos/Phrase Samplers for Guitar user reviews

  • TC Electronic Flashback x4

    TC Electronic Flashback x4 - "Wide Range of Settings + Looper" has images


    SOUND: TC Electronic’s Flashback X4 is a combo pedal, offering a wide array of delay types with a looper and as demonstrated in the YouTube video below: TC Electronic is known for it...

  • Hotone Audio Binary Eko

    Hotone Audio Binary Eko - "Incredible Clarity and a Ton of Options" has images


    SOUND: If you’re looking for a super clear-sounding delay with a ton of options at a fantastic price, then the Binary Eko should be considered. Below is a YouTube demonstrating its qualities: This 2...

  • Red Panda Particle

    Red Panda Particle - "An incredible sound design tool!!!"


    I’ve used this Red Panda (a grainshifter/pitch shifter to be precise as to what it does) with all sorts of machines (samplers, drum machines, synths), and I found it particularly inspiring. It is demanding and won’t find its place in just any setup,...

  • Carl Martin Red Repeat 2016 Edition

    Carl Martin Red Repeat 2016 Edition - "Red Repeat Offers Incredible Delay/Echo Quality" has images


    SOUND: I REALLY like this pedal. The echo in the Red Repeat is reminiscent of the Echoplex and Space Echo units of yesteryear, but with obvious improved clarity and with today’s technology. Below is a sound sample demo video (including an instrume...

  • Das Musikding The Bluelay - Delay Kit

    Das Musikding The Bluelay - Delay Kit - "Great sounding, yet unexpensive"


    I use a '96 Les Paul Studio and a HSS Fender with an SH4 bridge pickup, all this with a n ORANGE TH30 head & assorted cab. After trying a few digital pedals and renowned pedalboards such as the NOVA SYSTEM I was after a pedal that would not alter th...

  • Boss DD-500 Digital Delay

    Boss DD-500 Digital Delay - "A very good, versatile pedal ! A very good Delay"


    I use this with a Fender Baja Telecaster. To me, a delay works better with a clean/crispy :) For a delay, it takes very little current : 200mA. As for voltage, it’s a standard 9V. Esthetically, the pedal looks quite simple. Its color is not as w...

  • DigiTech Obscura Altered Delay

    DigiTech Obscura Altered Delay - "A great -but complicated- delay pedal" has images


    Digitech’s Obscura Altered delay pedal is – as its name suggests – an “altered” delay, offering several possibilities which can make its use all the more complex. It is a digital delay with an analog mode and max delay time set at 2 seconds. It ca...

  • TC Electronic Flashback Delay

    TC Electronic Flashback Delay - "Versatile Features in a Small Package"


    Delay is quite possibly the most universal effect for guitarists used in different forms across all genres. When it came time to build my pedalboard I knew I had to have a delay pedal on there. I had become accustom to having multiple types of dela...

  • Malekko Ekko 616

    Malekko Ekko 616 - "From Quiet to Chaotic"


    A Brief History of Bucket Brigade Delay effects have been produced by different means for over 50 years, from physical tape manipulation to "delay in a box" units of all shapes and sizes. Short, gritty slapback delays can be heard throughout coun...

  • Boss DD-3 Digital Delay

    Boss DD-3 Digital Delay - "Proper Boss quality"


    Being a fan of Tool and other such progressive metal bands, I needed to look for a good quality delay pedal which offered me all the functionalities that I require, while also being at an affordable price. After spending weeks of doing research and ...