Das Musikding The Bluelay - Delay Kit
Das Musikding The Bluelay - Delay Kit

The Bluelay - Delay Kit, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from Das Musikding.

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fredlebarbu 11/30/2017

Das Musikding The Bluelay - Delay Kit : fredlebarbu's user review

"Great sounding, yet unexpensive"

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
I use a '96 Les Paul Studio and a HSS Fender with an SH4 bridge pickup, all this with a n ORANGE TH30 head & assorted cab.
After trying a few digital pedals and renowned pedalboards such as the NOVA SYSTEM I was after a pedal that would not alter the sound of my instruments and amp.

So I naturally looked for a single-effect pedal, but the prices quickly turned me off. So I turned to DIY thinking I'd only have little to lose for 50 bucks, box and transportation included... However, I wanted it to work. So I meticulously made this bluedelay pedal, taking the time avening after evening. Until the day I tried it, and - what a knock down! Exactly what I was after, a simple yet efficient delay which doesn't alter the sound at all.

The settings go:

Delay = I expected a little more delay amplitude, but no problem with it, pushed to the limit you can get a nice reggae or dub sound, the delay is long enough for that. Minimum setting provides a lovely room reverb effect!

Volume = very efficient, when puched you hear more the delay than the original sound, which can be fun.

Repeat = this one's efficient too, but if you push it to the end it's just unusable unless for a fun intro as the signal repeats infinitely and the sound tends to alter, progressively getting into the highs providing a very nice psychedelic sound.

Of course, the pedal is to be put in the fx loop.

So in the end, I recommend it to anyone who is good with his hands and likes to build such devices. The result is plain bluffing, I haven't compared it with other models as this is my very first analog delay pedal, but I tend to be very demanding soundwise and this one perfectly satisfies me. My next purchase will be a reverb from the same brand, then a boost and then -- we'll se.