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Guitar Effects user reviews

  • nUX Atlantic Delay & Reverb

    nUX Atlantic Delay & Reverb - "Incredible Clarity of Delay and Reverb" has images


    SOUND: The Atlantic (either delay or reverb) produces one of the cleanest and clearest effects I’ve heard. That may not sit well for everyone, as some musicians may prefer either delay or reverb to be toned down (a lower tone so that it stays hidde…

  • nUX Cerberus

    nUX Cerberus - "Fantastic Modulation/Delay/Reverb with Pure Analog Drive/Distortion" has images


    SOUND: Being of 32-bit quality, the digital components are extremely clear in the mix. Coupled with the Analog Drive and Distortion, the Cerberus is a great sounding unit. The delay and reverb are very distinguishable from the main tone – compleme…

  • KMA Audio Machines Horizont

    KMA Audio Machines Horizont - "Advanced Phaser also does Tremolo, Touch-Wah, Vibrato" has images


    SOUND: The HORIZONT’s is inspiring to use, with its crystal clear JFET phasing tones. The sounds generated vary greatly, as there are dozens of possible combinations. In essence, you can think of the HORIZONT as a combination tremolo, vibrato, wah…

  • Pearl OD-05 Over Drive

    Pearl OD-05 Over Drive - "Excellent versatile od pedal" has images


    Bought this new back in the day, it was my first drive pedal and I’ve been using it up to this day. The od5 is part of Pearl’s short lived attempt into guitar pedals but it’s a very fine pedal nevertheless. Basically, Pearl’s take on the Tubescreame…

  • Zoom 505 Guitar

    Zoom 505 Guitar - "A bang for the buck"


    At the time, Gibson e347, Peavey 100w transtube, 2 505 in serial connection. In my opinion you can't beat that effect. I used it professionally in NY for years.I play Jazz Brazil Funk stuff. I had 2 of them connected in serial, the sound coming out …

  • Mooer Ocean Machine

    Mooer Ocean Machine - "Incredible Sound Scapes is only the beginning" has images


    SOUND: Although you can use this reverb + dual delay in a very subtle way (a bit of reverb or delay) you will be addicted to hours of play and experimentation as you turn up the mix and mess around with the knobs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?…

  • Keeley Electronics Aria Compressor Drive

    Keeley Electronics Aria Compressor Drive - "Natural Compression with Biting Drive" has images


    SOUND: There are two things that comprise the Keeley Aria. First, the Compressor side of the pedal is one of the best available. Keeley Electronics is known for its compressor and I suspect because of the Blend knob that allows a mix of the dry si…

  • Mooer Funky Monkey

    Mooer Funky Monkey - "A great pedal at a great price"


    UTILIZATION This is a small pedal. If you do not like small pedals, then this will not be for you. Don't buy a pedal that you know in advance is small and then complain about it's size. Even though these are small pedals they are not too diffic…

  • Mooer Black Truck

    Mooer Black Truck - "Great Tone and Packed with Features" has images


    SOUND: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iPVXK469W8&feature=youtu.be The Black Truck offers plenty of tone sculpting possibilities. The Hi-Gain component, for example, allows you to either hump or scoop the midrange, besides there being a Tone …

  • Empress Effects Heavy

    Empress Effects Heavy - "From biting sizzle to massive tones"


    SOUND: There are some good demos of the HEAVY and playing one live does not disappoint. However, it does proves that YouTube compression does not do HEAVY justice. As the manual indicates, Channel 1 produces a heavy sound that is thick and punchy, …