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Guitar multi-effects user reviews

  • DigiTech RP100

    DigiTech RP100 - "A Nice Value For the Money"


    Considering this unit has a little built in drum machine, for the low price (available used for $20-$50), its a great value. Nothing like playing along to drum tracks to improve your playing and improvisation. As a multi effects unit, it has alot of ...

  • Dr. Scientist BitQuest!

    Dr. Scientist BitQuest! - "Dozens of sounds for multiple patches - a tweakers dream!" has images


    SOUND: Below is a YouTube video that demonstrates some multi-layering of tracks while using each of the patches or effects: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-RsjcjyWEQ Many of the patches are very unique in what they offer or can offer (as you...

  • Boss GT-001

    Boss GT-001 - "Great Desktop workstation!!" has images


    I picked this up dirt cheap! IDK why? It has ALOT of features and uses! Guitar, vocals, FX processor! Great Amps and dynamic quality of real tube amps! Specs= BOSS GT-001 Guitar Amp/Effects Processor and USB Audio Interface Features: -High-quality...

  • Line 6 Helix

    Line 6 Helix - "Line 6 Helix (Back to the Future) Great Scott !!!"


    Line 6 Helix (Back to the Future) Great Scott !!! My complete review of Line 6’s Helix – a full-featured and well-conceived multieffect unit. Unboxing day!!! When unpacking it you’ll immediately realize how heavy it is. It seems sturdy, up to ...

  • Rocktron Intellifex Ltd

    Rocktron Intellifex Ltd - "Great sound quality and AMAZING reverb!"


    Delay and reverbs are as pristine as it gets! Chorus is nice too and very complex (8 tap!). Lots of pros use these including Jerry Cantrell= enough said! Able to program Vai's Ballerina 21/24 too. Will color your Rhythm tones though so I switch it ou...

  • DOD FX7 Guitar Processor / Preamp

    DOD FX7 Guitar Processor / Preamp - "Sound/loudness issues"


    I am using a Ibanez Roadstar 2 guitar with a Peavey microbass amp. I just got this the other day from an online purchase. I have never been around this type of pedal set-up. I am finding that in using the pre-set effects that I have to monkey with...

  • Strymon Deco

    Strymon Deco - "A really nice Deco"


    The Strymon Deco aims at recreating the sound and effects of the tape recorders that were in use in the studios before the digital era. I’ve used the Strymon on two ToneKing amps, the Imperial and Falcon – hence in stereo. These amp models recreate ...

  • Boss SY-300

    Boss SY-300 - "Sound synthesis for guitar players?" has images


    Sound synthesis for guitar players? Exactly! Ladies and gentlemen, from now on sound synthesis no longer is the privilege of the sole keyboard players! But was it really the case until now? Whatever... Let's make it short (I'll edit this review...

  • Boss ME-5

    Boss ME-5 - "UPGRADE your BOSS ME-5 !" has images


    BOSS ME-5 -UPGRADE KIT - just £13.99 Few people realise that the ME-5 incorporates the classic BOSS pedal internals that are now vintage in their own right including the: CS-2, DS-1, OD-2, RV-3, EQ-1, CE-2, DD-2, BF-2 all together with a switchable N...

  • Boss AD-3

    Boss AD-3 - "Some Brilliant Features Couple With Some Underwhelming Additions"


    I bought the AD-3 for a specific reason, and that was that I did not trust my band’s sound guy. We were starting to do acoustic gigs, and the sound of my guitar out of the mixing board was less than stellar. I did not want to get an amp since there...