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Korg Ax3g
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wrgkmc wrgkmc

« Hidden gem »

Published on 07/28/22 at 20:33
Value For Money : Excellent
Audience: Anyone
I’ve had this one for awhile now. I’ve mainly used it for direct recording and general practice with a small Marshall amp. I probably wouldn’t recommend this one for live stuff unless you spen the time needed to tweak the settings for ideal tones.

I saw some reviews complain about hum. This pedal has a a noise gate. The should learn how to use it.

This is an older amp modeling multi effects pedal. The built in presets aren’t very good. Given the fact the volumes any gain change drastically switching patches they should only be used as short cuts setting up your own patches.

Since it has 40 user patches I set mine up so I have 20 patches for single coil guitars and 20 for Humbuckers. This gave me the flexibility to switch guitars without having to retweak all the patches set for one guitar type. I use many instruments recording.

I also used the amp types as a template. I used A00 through A07 and used 10 amp set up for clean tones. Then i copied those 10 and reworked them for driven tones. After that I copied those 20 and tweaked them for humbucker pickups. I added various effects which worked with the various amp patches.

I should mention this pedal is very similar to the Vox Stomplab (which is also owned by Korg). Other than it being a bit mor modern an having expanded settings it’s very similar.

The Korg can achieve some excellent results for recording direct if you take the time to dial up ideal settings. You need to pay close attention to the various cabinet settings and capture the tones you get from a miced amp. You also have to judge the results within the context of a complete recording with multiple instruments in a mix. This unit solo is at best mediocre but a well recorded instrument is often mediocre so it’s a matter of keeper ng the results in proper perspective when judging how it fills the soundscape