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Loopers user reviews

  • TC Electronic Ditto JAM X2 Looper

    TC Electronic Ditto JAM X2 Looper - "With BeatSense, you now can loop seamlessly with a live drummer"


    SOUND: With 24-bit (CD and studio quality) recording and playback, the Ditto JAM X2 Looper by TC Electronic is an ideal band-mate and solo practice device. The YouTube video below demonstrates some of the settings and capabilities. https://www.y…

  • TC Electronic Ditto X4

    TC Electronic Ditto X4 - "Made for instant playing"


    I tried it in a mixed setup : with a Flashback X4 and its looper followed by a Vox VDL 1 Looper then into Ditto. The pros : - Couldn't be more intuitive. You choose from either serial of parallel mode, start playing and you're not even 2 minu…

  • TC Electronic Ditto X2

    TC Electronic Ditto X2 - "His Excellency Ditto II"


    See the detailed specs on TC Electronic's website. USE Since this is the first review on a device of a new genre, I will be as precise, especially as the user manuel (to be downloaded from TC's website) is not as clear as it seems - just like…

  • TC Electronic Ditto Looper

    TC Electronic Ditto Looper - "almost perfect"


    CHARACTERISTICS What are the effects, or types of effects available? LOOP, samples, loops, samples, loops!! UTILIZATION Is the general configuration easy to use ? can’t get any simpler. Is sound/effects editing easy? again, can’t…

  • Boss RC-20XL Loop Station

    Boss RC-20XL Loop Station - "Fun for solo instrument loops and ideas"


    The RC-20XL is a looping effect system. It only offers the capability of looping phrases/samples, no other effects are on board. This unit cannot be edited through a computer. It uses digital flash memory technology to store your samples and loops…

  • Zvex LoFi Loop Junky

    Zvex LoFi Loop Junky - "Is lo-fi a good thing?"


    - Volume knob - Tone knob - Record knob - Depth knob - Speed knob - Safe switch - Start and record footswitches - Master volume knob for one of the two channels - LED - 9 Volt adapter requires modification or replacement bottom plate. - Han…

  • Boomerang III Phrase Sampler

    Boomerang III Phrase Sampler - "Best realtime phrase looper out there."


    Sampling at 48KHz, the III records for 8 minutes 46 seconds in mono. Sampling at 24KHz, the III records for 17 minutes 32 seconds in mono. Using the octave down function, the record time can be extended to 35 minutes. Stereo recording cuts all times …

  • Boss DSD-3 Digital Sampler/Delay

    Boss DSD-3 Digital Sampler/Delay - "Nice looper delay"


    This pedal is the exact same pedal as the Boss DSD-2. The only thin that has changed in the number two is now three. What had happened back then was the price of the components of the circuitry chips lowered. Amazing because everything today increase…

  • Boss DSD-2 Digital Sampler/Delay

    Boss DSD-2 Digital Sampler/Delay - iamqman's review


    This is one of the first mutli looper delay pedals from Boss. This pedal would allow you to record multiple samples and play over them with the delay function. this pedal was made only for one year and though they did make a lot of them they just did…

  • Zvex LoFi Loop Junky

    Zvex LoFi Loop Junky - "Analog style looper"


    Zvez is a boutique pedal builder who builds some great pedals with funky paint jobs. The LoFi Loop Junky is an analog looper or recorder pedal. I like to refer to these types of pedals as phrase samplers since some people confuse them with true byp…