DigiTech JamMan
DigiTech JamMan

JamMan, Looper from DigiTech in the JamMan series.

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djobydjoba 09/04/2011

DigiTech JamMan : djobydjoba's user review

«  Vital to progress, unusable group »

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Everything has already been said ..


After peeling the instructions (light incidentally), I came back to a very basic and spontaneous use of the object. I only use at home, at improv in unbridled solo sessions, to turn the rhythm that come with the wind and let go in improvisation. It is the spontaneous use: I do not overlay loops (overdub) or record anything in the memory of thing. The music disappears into outer space.

At most I can use the metronome to be sure you calibrate a pace a bit long. In this regard the BPM of the metronome does not go down very low. I used one for slow rhythms.

In this personal use, the Jamman gives me satisfaction, he knows how to forget. I'd rather not even think about using it on stage and / or with other musicians, it is not well-born enough to claim it. And I do not want to fight when I make music.


I put it at the very end loop of my Marshall JVM 205C. It is in the loop it should be, because otherwise no way to use the overdrive channel of the amp while rotating the loop in the clear (or vice versa). And it must be the end loop to retrieve the sound of all the effects placed before him.

The sound is good without being exceptional. With a tube amp and quality effects pedals, the sound of the loop seems necessarily less alive, less articulate, more compressed, more "FM radio". Again for home that does not pose a problem, although I do not spit on better sound.

For cons, the ultra positive is its perfect transparency passive position in the loop. I always leave in the same loop when I do not use it. Because it has another purpose: the same volume level between loop and switched loop bypassed. Indeed the JVM activation loop lose volume 10db (when 100% wet). Therefore the knob "Inst Level" of Jamman I use to mount the volume of the loop. Booster super transparent, I myself am very surprised.


I'm not in love with the Jamman, far from it. I quickly realized that the functionality of the device, except for the basic, could not be used in a "professional" (sound, stage, recording ..).

If you want a scene looper, so invest in a software-driven pedal noon. It is much more powerful, flexible and easy to manage once in place. If you want to record compositions, it is not with the Jamman we will. But then as a learning tool, free improvisation, exploration of the instrument, I can say in-pen-sand!

I chose the Jamman, I could take another one. They are all more or less badly pesky and not professionals. Apart from the Boomerang, which looks over the lot. I might even delay looper with Boss DD7 my pedal makes it too. When I bought the DD7, I hesitated to resell Jamman, but I did not put the DD7 end of the loop, and I was losing booster function loop of Jamman. A pedal function and cows are well guarded.

I seem to have made much progress without realizing it through the looper, simply fun to play, improvise, discover the instrument. I'm a lot more comfortable now to find my place among other musicians, and in different styles. I prefer a looper pedal a software: I like to play music off computer, free. The simple things are often the best.