DigiTech JamMan
DigiTech JamMan

JamMan, Looper from DigiTech in the JamMan series.

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ddn 06/03/2013

DigiTech JamMan : ddn's user review

«  Qualities, defects. As all of us. »

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You all know the Jamman is a looper guitar pedal in mono format, with a memory as GROSSE uses compact flash cards whose storage capacity can exceed the Go
Guitar input, line input, XLR mic input, classical. Volume knob on the guitar to the mic (not the line input, note everything you'll connect it has a volume knob), volume knob for the loop.
First major flaw: it is heavy on a pedalboard is boring. Second big flaw: it uses a specific DC power supply 1300 mA, the power supply is not compatible with my pedalboard, boring too.


Left pedal: recording, playback support new, new support overdub, and so on. Can stop recording when you press the pedal or end barlines signing the chosen tempo.
Right pedal: stop, long press of the loop deletion. Supposedly tap tempo in practice unusable.
Metronome function, useful for those who use a metronome, so not for me.
Missing functions: reverse. Yes, you read well, no reverse function. The mind boggles.
The jam manager software works very well for me, the issue is very simple and very effective.


Good looper, I regularly read it kinda sucks the sound of the guitar because it is not true bypass, I do not hear any difference.
Rendering loop is good for my ears, especially as I am sending the signal without effects, I then processes the signal and I resample the processed signal.


I month. I was impressed by his strength, high quality manufacturing, huge memory it has, and the opportunity to exchange in which I had. It is an excellent tool, with the reservations above.
In total, it is not really suited to my needs because I'm just the looping / sampling live and I do not use it for its true purpose: to repeat at home.