DigiTech JamMan
DigiTech JamMan

JamMan, Looper from DigiTech in the JamMan series.

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goldorock 12/05/2013

DigiTech JamMan : goldorock's user review

«  good pedal, but must be well synchronized with »

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yes, you can add sounds (drums, guitar, etc.) by the mac / pc, but it is a pedal that starts dating

(See if it is compatible with the new mac, pc)

Very solid pedal

-Pedal footswitch + if you want to zap loop loop + Automatic Recording

24mn-registration card included with
We can accelerate the slow song without changing the pitch
- There is a metronome bass drum and this is really good
We can connect a microphone or guitar
-99 Tracks / loops possible


I tested a few times this pedal legend that has been very popular among artists singers-guitarists

it is simple, but to be really sync and on stage, I think it requires some preparation if it is the cat


apparently not true bypass for this model


I'd rather buy a pedal + simple: the new models or see other brands because in the end, I was serving not

I find it not necessary unless one is alone on stage or 2

I think there are too many features to navigate clearly