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Guitar Effects user reviews

  • MXR EVH90 Phase 90

    MXR EVH90 Phase 90 - "Its THAT phaser sound"


    This is a simple pedal at face value, and in truth it is very simple. Just one knob? Well that's all you need. It's a phaser...sort of. And there's no need for a ton of parameter knobs with this pedal. Because it's not trying to be all phasers a...

  • MXR M102 Dyna Comp Compressor

    MXR M102 Dyna Comp Compressor - "Best comp in its price range"


    There are really two theories with pedal compressors. You either have a ton of control over your threshhold and attack, or you just get the normal two know volume and compression deal. MXR is very clearly a simple side to this coin. I remember a f...

  • Boss PS-6 Harmonist

    Boss PS-6 Harmonist - "Boss PS-6"


    Boss recently released the PS-6 Harmonist Pitch Shifter. This unit picks up where the PS-4 and PS-5 have left off. I was in my local guitar shop and thought I'd check this out. I always loved the guitar work of Boston and Queen and thought this wo...

  • Subdecay Studios Prometheus

    Subdecay Studios Prometheus - "A fun noise box"


    - Switches, knobs, and inputs. - True bypass - LED - Accepts 9 volt external or battery UTILIZATION This is a resonant filter and a somewhat complicated one. It does forward and reverse filtering as well as doing sample / hold filtering for a...

  • MXR M104 Distortion+

    MXR M104 Distortion+ - nickname009's review


    From the MXR website: * Germanium-powered, soft-clipped distortion. * Classic 70s distortion. * The tone that made Randy Rhoads famous. Pretty simple controls, one output and one distortion knob. I guess it's good for simplicity, ...

  • Devi Ever LP

    Devi Ever LP - "Odd overdrive effect, good fun."


    The LP is an overdrive effect from Devi Ever. It sounds very similar to her Electric Brown overdrive pedal but with one huge difference, it has a random stuttering effect which sounds like a record skipping (hence the name LP). I really like this ped...

  • Devi Ever Devistortion

    Devi Ever Devistortion - "Great dual drive pedal"


    The Devistortion is a dual overdrive/distortion pedal designed and built by Devi Ever of Devi Ever Effects/Effector 13. It is the combination of two great overdrive/distortion pedals the Karaoke Party and the Electric Brown. To quote Devi the specifi...

  • Devi Ever Karaoke Party

    Devi Ever Karaoke Party - "Great garage/punk drive"


    The Karaoke Party is an overdrive/distortion pedal which is designed and built by Devi Ever at Devi Ever Effects/Effector 13. To quote Devi the specifications are as follows: - true bypass - mxr sized enclosure - boutique quality components - ...

  • Devi Ever Electric Brown

    Devi Ever Electric Brown - "Unique drive pedal."


    The Electric Brown is an overdrive/distortion stompbox designed and built by Devi Ever. To quote Devi the specifications are as follows: - true bypass - mxr sized enclosure - boutique quality components - incredibly low mA draw - silicon trans...

  • Zvex Fuzz Factory

    Zvex Fuzz Factory - "Better off with the vexter"


    This is a fuzz stompbox made by Zvex. It has 1/4" input and output jacks and can be used with a 9V battery or a standard boss style power adaptor. It's true bypass and has five controls, which are: Volume, Drive, Stab (stability), Comp (compression) ...

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