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Guitar Effects user reviews

  • Line 6 FM4

    Line 6 FM4 - "Wacky guitar fun!"


    16 Digital Effects 20 Factory Presets 4 User Programmable Channels Controls - Effect Selector, Freq, Q, Speed, Mode, Mix Additional Controls - EX-1 Expression Pedal (optional) Mono/ Stereo - Stereo in/ Stereo out Durable Metal Chassis Color - P…

  • Line 6 DL4

    Line 6 DL4 - "Just buy it."


    16 vintage delay and echo effects including Tube Echoplex, Space Echo, Deluxe Memory Man, and more Provides for 3 programmable presets Tap tempo control 14-28 seconds of sample-loop memory True bypass switching Expression pedal input Stereo inp…

  • TC Electronic Nova System

    TC Electronic Nova System - "Excellent multi-effects unit!"


    NDT - Nova Drive Technology: All-analog programmable overdrive and distortion circuit under preset and expression control. 6 effect blocks taken straight from G-System: Compression, EQ + Noise Gate, Modulation, Pitch, Delay, Reverb - these are all d…

  • T-Rex Engineering Gull

    T-Rex Engineering Gull - "Versatile Wah"


    T-Rex is a small pedal maker out of Denmark. It was started by two brothers who were out to make the best guitar equipment on the planet. They started off by making MIDI equipment for guitars then expanded into effects and stomp boxes. The Gull Wah p…

  • Empress Effects Super Delay

    Empress Effects Super Delay - moosers's review


    The Empress Effects Super Delay is the ultimate delay pedal. I didn't know of Empress Effects until I had the pleasure of using this, and boy I'm glad that I know of them now. While not cheap, the Super Delay is up there with the best sounding dela…

  • Wampler Pedals Plexidrive

    Wampler Pedals Plexidrive - "cheap but sounds good"


    I have used the Wampler Plexidrive pedal several times over the last few years, they pedal itself has been out for quit some time now. When I heard this pedal for the first time it simply astonished me to the highest degree due to its so smooth, scre…

  • DOD 250 Overdrive Preamp

    DOD 250 Overdrive Preamp - moosers's review


    The DOD 250 Overdrive Preamp Vintage is the original of this pedal that has since been reissued in more recent years. I had used the reissue first a little while back but just got the chance to try out this original version a few months ago. It's g…

  • Maxon GE601 Graphic Equalizer Reissue

    Maxon GE601 Graphic Equalizer Reissue - moosers's review


    The Maxon GE601 is a graphic equalizer pedal, intended for use with guitar. It's a six band EQ and can also serve as a booster. It's an analog pedal that has the standard configuration of a 1/4" input and 1/4" output and is powered by a nine volt p…

  • Boss SD-2 DUAL OverDrive

    Boss SD-2 DUAL OverDrive - moosers's review


    The Boss SD-2 Dual OverDrive is a two channel overdrive pedal for electric guitar. It actually has two different circuits for each of the channels, so it's really like having two pedals in one. The pedal is an analog one that has 1/4" inputs for in…

  • Boss AC-2 Acoustic Simulator

    Boss AC-2 Acoustic Simulator - "Doesn't really sound like an acoustic"


    The Boss AC-2 is an attempt at trying to replicate that electrified acoustic sound with a guitar. To be honest, it doesn't really achieve that acoustic sound, but it does deliver an interesting clean tone if you're looking for something almost sitar…

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