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Guitar Effects user reviews

  • Real McCoy Custom Wizard Wah

    Real McCoy Custom Wizard Wah - "Best vintage wah out there"


    It's a wah. It's analog. That's it. No bells or whistles. UTILIZATION Once again...you don't need a manual or any know how. If you have a foot you can work this thing. Easy enough? SOUND QUALITY I have tried a lot of wahs. I have 2 favorite...

  • Diamond Pedals Compressor

    Diamond Pedals Compressor - "The secret weapon"


    The Diamond Compressor is a pedal built for people who want a compressor that has optimum audio quality for the most demanding of players. It features three controls total. There is one for the amount of compression itself, there is an EQ control wit...

  • MXR M134 Stereo Chorus

    MXR M134 Stereo Chorus - "very functional hifi chorus"


    I actually bought this thinking it wasn't analog, but turns out it is, which is great. MXR has really built a reputation for solid construction and I think in that aspect they are up their with some of the boutique companies. The switches are great...

  • Boss ST-2 Power Stack

    Boss ST-2 Power Stack - "Great hard rock tones"


    The BOSS Power Stack ST2 is a more recent offering in the company's group of various and sundry dirt boxes. It's basically designed to ape the classic tones out of a driven amp stack such as a Marshall or Mesa Boogie but in a convenient stompbox pack...

  • Paul Cochrane Tim

    Paul Cochrane Tim - "A bit over hyped"


    - Boost channel - Switch for - Post Series FX Loop - Voicing switch (Version 2 only) - LED - 9 Volt battery or AC. - True bypass UTILIZATION I found this pedal a little hard to find my way around at first. The equalization knobs work a litt...

  • Ibanez TS7 Tube Screamer

    Ibanez TS7 Tube Screamer - "Great Tube Screamer"


    The TS7 is a really cheap version of the Tubescreamer. It has the added feature of a 'hot' switch. The hot switch takes your normal Tubescreamer sound and adds a bunch more gain. A cool feature of this Tubescreamer is the knobs push into the pedal...

  • Line 6 M9

    Line 6 M9 - "Great solution for a messy pedal board"


    The M9 contains over 100 effects, a 28-second looper, and a dedicated tap tempo button. The effects are 6 categories: delays, modulation, distortion, compression and eqs, filters, and reverbs. mono and stereo in/out. Midi in/out. And 2 expression...

  • Fulltone '69 MkII

    Fulltone '69 MkII - iamqman's review


    I will go ahead and say it...this is Jimi Hendrix in a box. Of course you will need a Marshall plexi reissue of something similar like a Germino Monterey and with out a doubt a Fender Strat. This thing sounds exactly as it reads on the cover of the b...

  • Zvex Fuzz Factory

    Zvex Fuzz Factory - "This is not a subtle fuzz box"


    - Volume knob - Gate knob - Comp knob - Drive knob - Stab knob - LED - 9 Volt adapter requires modification or replacement bottom plate. - Hand painted enclosure - True bypass UTILIZATION With the Gate, Compression, and Stability knobs, th...

  • Zvex LoFi Loop Junky

    Zvex LoFi Loop Junky - "Is lo-fi a good thing?"


    - Volume knob - Tone knob - Record knob - Depth knob - Speed knob - Safe switch - Start and record footswitches - Master volume knob for one of the two channels - LED - 9 Volt adapter requires modification or replacement bottom plate. - Han...

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