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Dynamic or volume pedals user reviews

  • Mission Engineering VM-PRO

    Mission Engineering VM-PRO - "VM-PRO is Beyond typical Volume Pedals with Loaded Features" has images


    SOUND: Volume pedals are fairly straight forward, although the quality of a volume pedal’s electronics will make a difference in what you hear when using it. The YouTube video below goes through various features of Mission Engineering’s VM-PRO, whi...

  • Electro-Harmonix The Silencer

    Electro-Harmonix The Silencer - "It does the job - for a lesser price!"


    I’ve used it with a US Standard Strat (neck pickup replaced with a Seymour-Duncan SHR-1B) and an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro; my amps are a Fender Machete and a Marshall 8240 Stereo Chorus. I play all kinds of music ranging from Dire Straits to AC/D...

  • Carl Martin Buff DeLuxe

    Carl Martin Buff DeLuxe - "Buff DeLuxe Produces a Clearer and more Accurate Tone" has images


    SOUND: If you’re looking for a pedal that provides a cleaner, clearer and crisper tone… one that can wash away a bit of that ‘mud,’ and one that makes all your other pedals sound better, then likely you will benefit from and appreciate a buffer. Be...

  • TC Electronic HyperGravity

    TC Electronic HyperGravity - "Falls short of expectations"


    Just got this pedal yesterday. I immediately noticed the level knob does nothing until turned past 9 o-clock then comes on abruptly. I was finally able to get a decent compression from it. It's quiet for a compressor, but it negatively affects the tr...

  • Boss FV-500L Foot Volume

    Boss FV-500L Foot Volume - "A strong volume pedal for precise volume control"


    This is one of the most reliable volume pedals that I know. I use it with my current clonewheel (Tokai TX-5 Classic, made in Brazil) and, you know, it's an essential item for that kind of instrument (well, the classic B3 has volume pedal, no?). The v...

  • Vox V850 Volume

    Vox V850 Volume - "Built Like a Tank."


    Overview It's really a shame that this pedal is out of production, because it's an amazing piece of work. the VOX V850 is a passive volume pedal (no power/battery required) that does exactly what it's supposed to: it increases and decreases the na...

  • Nose Pedal Volume Pedal

    Nose Pedal Volume Pedal - "Company does not exist, this is a scam"


    Nosepedal- This company is a scam, they will take your money and keep telling you it's been sent, they even send bogus tracking numbers, be warned. This company is a scam, they will take your money and keep telling you it's been sent, they even send...

  • Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor

    Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor - "Very helpful ally against single-coil hum"


    I love my NS-2. Single-coil pickups (IMHO) have a purer sinusoidal waveform than humbuckers since a humbucker has two rows of pickups which are slightly out of phase but then combined. However, single-coils are noisy (60-cycle hum from lights, etc....

  • Xotic Effects EP Booster

    Xotic Effects EP Booster - "It rocks"


    One volume control and two internal EQ switches only. Analog, true bypass, based on the mythical echoplex preamp. UTILIZATION Incredibly easy to use. SOUND QUALITY It rocks as soon as you plug in: It boosts sound while adding definition in the h...

  • Nose Pedal Volume Pedal

    Nose Pedal Volume Pedal - "Small and handy!"


    Mini volume pedal USE It's really easy to use: You only need to turn the big knob with the foot! SOUND QUALITY It doesn't alter sound...Hand-made 100% analog pedal. OVERALL OPINION Entirely analog, soldering and painting by hand. Sm...