Hofner Guitars Vintage compressor
Hofner Guitars Vintage compressor

Vintage compressor, Compressor/Sustainer for Guitar from Hofner Guitars.

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wrgkmc 11/16/2018

Hofner Guitars Vintage compressor : wrgkmc's user review

"Value vs Quality"

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
The build is comparable to many pedals being made today. The circuit design is simple and the soldering work was done by hand, likely by builders in the orient. I don't foresee having any major issues with the pedal because of its build. Unit did come with a battery installed already which is an odd thing for any pedals. I've seen many pedals with a wrapped battery in the battery compartment but never connected because long term storage could cause leaking. The battery was new however as was the packaging of the unit.

The Functionality and design is nearly identical to a MXR Compressor. It does have separate attack, sustain and volume levels and far too much volume gain in my opinion. I have to turn the volume down to 1/4 in order to get a matching 1:1 volume level when the pedal is bypassed. Running it that low is dodgy at best because its right on the edge of cutoff and the smallest tweak either makes the volume blast of turn off completely.

I'll likely compare the MXR circuit to this one and add the appropriate resistance needed to have the volume run closer to 50% ranges.

Tone/frequency response is actually quite excellent. Very good clarity with low distortion levels. The attack is very smooth, almost unnoticeable, and the sustain is smooth as well. The overall compression isn't as crushed as a Boss compressor but more then my Marshall compressor.

The pedals one weakness is EMF/Hum. As the notes decay the preamp gain goes way up and any noise from the instrument due to poor shielding will be multiplied greatly. I was using a guitar with mini humbuckers for my test and they produce practically no noise with other compressors.

This is not a flaw of the pedal however. I have several similar compressors including an MXR and a Behringer which have a similar circuit design and they all do the same thing when placed in front of an overdrive unit. Run clean hum amplification is barely noticeable with a humbucking guitar but could be an issue with Fenders that use unshielded wiring and single coils.

What you'd need to combat the noise would be a noise gate to gate the volume off and quiet the self noise when the notes die off.

I can say its one of the better compressors for getting notes to self sustain. You can do a hammer on at a fret without picking a note and the string will gain in strength and continue to sound a note until you let up on the fret. You can easily do Santana/Hendrix type sympathetic feedback if you choose to.

Overall an excellent buy for the $14 I spent. I do like the pedals uncolored tone. Many guitar compressors can sound muddy by comparison. This one will jangle when used clean which is a sound I do prefer for clean chords. $14 with free shipping isn't going to bust your wallet if you don't like it either.