Dynamic or volume pedals articles

  • Impressive Compression

    Impressive Compression - The Best Compression Pedals for Guitar and Bass


    For those who have a tendency to hammer their electric or bass guitars with a heavy attack, or can't play consistent rhythm parts throughout an entire song, a compressor might be the solution. A compression pedal might also prove to be very practical in many cases when you want boost the volume of your instrument or add sustain.

  • TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster Review

    TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster Review - A Spark In The Dark


    In spite of the unbearable Harlem Shake, the awful slim jeans or the my-favorite-black-metal-artist-is-David-Guetta studded ankle boots, trends can sometimes be good.

  • Fender Classics Re-issue Pedals: The Test

    Fender Classics Re-issue Pedals: The Test - Classics Live Again


    Though not as well known for their pedals as they are for their guitars and basses, Fender has been making classic pedals for more than 50 years. Following the recent re-issue of the Fender Blender Custom pedal, Fender decided to launch a range of new classic-inspired stompboxes with some vintage tones and looks. Let’s take a closer look….