Compressors/Sustainers for Guitar
Dynamic or volume pedals Compressors/Sustainers for Guitar
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Compressors/Sustainers for Guitar user reviews

  • Doc Music Station Ruby II

    Doc Music Station Ruby II - "Simple to Use, Ultra Quiet & Superior Compression"


    SOUND: This is one of the best compressors I have used, up there with the famous Keeley compressor. Sound-wise there are a few things that stand out with Ruby II. First, it is so ea…

  • Hofner Guitars Vintage compressor

    Hofner Guitars Vintage compressor - "Value vs Quality"


    I currently own at least 20 compressors of all types and qualities, from rack units down to several I've built myself. First I'll say, this is NOT another MXR clone. MXR compressors have high gain and extremely bright sounding. The Hofner has a …

  • TC Electronic HyperGravity

    TC Electronic HyperGravity - "Falls short of expectations"


    Just got this pedal yesterday. I immediately noticed the level knob does nothing until turned past 9 o-clock then comes on abruptly. I was finally able to get a decent compression from it. It's quiet for a compressor, but it negatively affects the tr…

  • Origin Effects SlideRig

    Origin Effects SlideRig - "Top Quality, Unique Dual Compressor!"


    Origin Effects has developed the SlideRig dual compressor after the Urei 1176, most notably as it was incorporated on the Little Feat studio recording of "Dixie Chicken". The tone and attack that Lowell George displayed on Dixie Chicken is legendary …

  • Ibanez CP10 Compressor Sustainer

    Ibanez CP10 Compressor Sustainer - "easy to set up"


    This is simply two compressors side by side. It is a clone of the Famous Ross Compressor and the Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer (Ross OJ). This is an all analog device. There is just three knobs for the Ross (attack, sustain, level) and just a level k…

  • Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer

    Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer - "Love it"


    The Boss CS-3 Compression is an analog compressor designed for use with the electric guitar, but is suitable for any electronic instrument. It has both a 1/4 inch input and output and has a specific power supply that will power it in addition to the …

  • Marshall ED-1 The Compressor

    Marshall ED-1 The Compressor - "compression only"


    This is a Compression pedal only. They say compression/sustainer, but sustain is a standard option on a compression pedal. I believe this is all analog. There are no visible digital parts at least. This is not editable through a computer. Its is 1/4&…

  • Maxon CP101 Compressor Reissue

    Maxon CP101 Compressor Reissue - "great compression"


    This is one of my favorite compression pedals out there. It's a relatively simple pedal, but it will cover a broad spectrum of good-sounding compression. There aren't any modern additions to this thing, it's pretty old and usually hard to find. No MI…

  • Keeley Electronics 4 Knob Compressor

    Keeley Electronics 4 Knob Compressor - "My favorite compressor"


    The Keeley compressors are probably some of the most famous compressors in the entire industry. They've withstood the test of time and provide some of the cleanest, most transparent compression out there. There are two versions he makes, and both a…

  • Keeley Electronics Compressor

    Keeley Electronics Compressor - "Sounds great, but the 4 knob is better"


    A lot of people don't know how to use compressors or when to exactly use them. Considering today's high gain amps, it's really no surprise. Most people don't really need them. However, if you're a country or funk guy, I'm pretty sure you know exac…