Radial Engineering Bones Texas Overdrive
Radial Engineering Bones Texas Overdrive

Bones Texas Overdrive, Overdrive pedal from Radial Engineering in the Bones series.

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Rocknweb 11/18/2014

Radial Engineering Bones Texas Overdrive : Rocknweb's user review

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Audience: Advanced Users
Radial Engineering specializes in DI boxes for the stage, completing its offering with products Tonebone type for simulation and guitar effects.
Texas is a classic overdrive but two channels, each channel has a Tone, volume and switch "bite" to 3 positions. Unfortunately a common drive to two channels.
No true-bypass but using a buffer of class A, no noise when switching through the EIS. Very robust and well finished, a little wider than a Boss pedal format such exclusive power sector Boss 9v. Of pro gear.


In the spirit of Radial, Texas Overdrive offers a typical use of scene, light bypass, rhythm channel 1 and channel 2 solo on this point it is more comprehensive than a banal TS9. In addition to the gain will clean boost to distortion very supported which is exciting at first, but yes here is a single gain knob for 2 channels. The tone is slightly different between the two channels and with the 3-position switch is changed from rendering Vintage TS9, Fulltone OCD at high gain. It's a bit confusing but it is quickly handling the knobs and in practice there is a way to find his rhythm and solo with the same gain more momentum increases the flight, more aggressive and is compensated with the tone.


Using my Custom Vibrolux 68 on a clear channel so with Tele, Strat, LP, Gretsch.
The dynamics are terrible and do not spoil the intrinsic qualities of the amp settings are progressive and effective, whether in clean boost, overdrive or distortion sound is great enough fat or through more modern switches does work both with double that simple, little or no wind so we know to be reasonable with the gain <3:00 but it is already a big distortion. Good response to guitar volume, with the best result obtained on the LP Tele but the gain can be quite insane while preserving the attack and bite. Brief all good.


Excellent pedal that goes from clean boost to outright distortion, complies with the sound of guitars and has a wide variety of tone with the settings, there is little to regret the absence of a second gain circuit, I tried models Hollywood very well also (I hesitated between) and London supposed to come out of his Marshall.