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MXR Distortions user reviews

  • MXR M78 Custom Badass '78 Distortion

    MXR M78 Custom Badass '78 Distortion - "It's alright"


    MXR Custom Badass '78 Distortion Pedal Features at a Glance: Hot-rodded classic circuit gives you huge distortion tones Roars with both amp stack tones and old-school pedal distortion Delivers soaring leads and rich, saturated rhythm…

  • MXR M104 Distortion+

    MXR M104 Distortion+ - "easy to get a good sound"


    The MXR M104 is an analog overdrive guitar pedal. It has 1/4 inch inputs and outputs. UTILIZATION The configuration of the MXR M104 is really easy to follow and is straightforward overall. It has knobs for volume, tone, overdrive, and boost, with…

  • MXR M115 Distortion III

    MXR M115 Distortion III - "clean pedal, love it"


    The MXR M115 Distortion III has a really nice tone quality to it and is usable for other genres besides blues. I have only use this with guitar and I probably wouldn't recommend it for use with any other instrument, although it would work fine. I jus…

  • MXR M104 Distortion+

    MXR M104 Distortion+ - "Classic tone, but slightly lacking"


    The MXR Distortion+ has been around since nearly the beginning of time. It was one of the first boost pedals to ever hit the market, and it has been used every since. While its popularity has been waning, I still see it being used on pedalboards to…

  • MXR DD11 Dime Distortion

    MXR DD11 Dime Distortion - "Buzzy and over the top"


    Dimebag has long since been known for having a very...unique kind of tone. It was generally a very heavily distorted tone with very little midrange. This is a pedal that was modeled after his tone, but I don't think Dimebag actually ever used this …

  • MXR M104 Distortion+

    MXR M104 Distortion+ - nickname009's review


    From the MXR website: * Germanium-powered, soft-clipped distortion. * Classic 70s distortion. * The tone that made Randy Rhoads famous. Pretty simple controls, one output and one distortion knob. I guess it's good for simplicity, …

  • MXR M78 Custom Badass '78 Distortion

    MXR M78 Custom Badass '78 Distortion - "Spectacular"


    This pedal was demoed at Namm this year and it will be a huge hit for MXR. It is modeled off that hot rodded tone coming from 1978. Well they don't go into too much detail why they picked that year but I have a theory. One of the most influential gui…

  • MXR M116 Fullbore Metal

    MXR M116 Fullbore Metal - moosers's review


    The MXR M-116 Fullbore Metal is a distortion pedal designed for use with electric guitar. The pedal is made up of analog parts, with standard 1/4" connections and 9 volt power requirements. The pedal is built extremely well and sturdy, and isn't ra…

  • MXR M142 Distortion II Vintage

    MXR M142 Distortion II Vintage - moosers's review


    The MXR Distortion II is a distortion pedal designed for electric guitar but suitable with any electronic instrument.  it has 1/4 inch connections and requires 9 volts of power.  It is an analog piece of gear that isn't rack mountable because it is a…

  • MXR M115 Distortion III

    MXR M115 Distortion III - swmcv2007's review


    This is a pretty standard distortion pedal. No frills nothing fancy. It is analog, it has true bypass. There's a simple input and output, as well as a spot to plug in a 9V adapter. UTILIZATION The setup is very simple. It has three knobs. The Outpu…