MXR M115 Distortion III
MXR M115 Distortion III

M115 Distortion III, Distortion from MXR.

Linn Sondek 05/07/2013

MXR M115 Distortion III : Linn Sondek's user review

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Analog effect, advertised as distortion. 3 control knobs: level, tone and gain. The ultra classic that has been proven!
Indestructible case, usual in MXR.


Simple but very effective and incremental adjustments. Manuel minimalist dispensable.


So here's a pedal announced as a distortion. Either I'm deaf and I do not think either my pedal has different characteristics from any other MXR M115-I do not believe-or MXR guys are mistaken in calling it. For me, it is probably not an overdrive and a distortion. But whatever! the effect is stunning. Okay, I concede that it is better to know before you buy if you can try ...
This MXR offers typed vintage sounds: warm, generous and soft in the low mids in the bass. The tone plays primarily on the register and even push 17h does not change drastically the overall sound. It is better to know and appreciate this temperament immediately!


As I explained in my opinion on the MC402, the Disto III goes perfectly with it. It enjoys the best of both worlds: the vintage character of the Disto III and modern character of the 402. And most importantly, we get endless sustain (with Les Paul) without any breath (well, do not mount the amp volume to 10 or 12!). The residual noise of these two pedals used simultaneously is therefore at an incredibly low and even inaudible volume apartment or recording level.
Used alone, the Disto III shows excellent when taken for what it really is: an overdrive. I appreciate his somewhat dark character that captures solo. It is above all in this application that I also advise. No it is not in good rhythm but I prefer other models, always with MXR.