Radial Engineering Hot British
Radial Engineering Hot British

Hot British, Distortion from Radial Engineering in the Tonebone series.

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 13 reviews )
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Audience: Beginners

MGR/sebastian's review"Radial Tonebone Hot British"

Radial Engineering Hot British
iv been playing for a while know im 13 and i like guns n roses,nirvana,led zeppelin,pixies,aerosmith etc.

ive been looking for the perfect distortion peddle and ive found it.they had it at the amp shop in shermen oaks on the corner of vanoen and woodmen it was 219 bucks but man it was sssssssssssssooooooooooooooooo worth it.

its simply perfect not one flaw with it. you could adjust it to sound like aerosmith or take it all the way down to the misfits. its range of different music goes on forever, and perfect clean sound.

nothing at all.

super durable,long lasting,clean sound.

its great if you like classic rock and a little jazz i advise everyonbe to get this

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KirKill's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Tonetoncul"

Radial Engineering Hot British
Plexi-type pedal drive with 1 lamp 12AX7, it is in the version with single channel pedal Plexitube home Radial
1 level
1 low
1 high
1 outline
1 drive
1 3-position switch for top end (brightness level)
1 3-position switch for voicing
1 switch 3 position for Mid boost
True Bypass
little regret there is no knob middle, just a little switch




this is where it will hurt the sound is boxy and fuzzy in my Fender 65 with my Les Paul impossible to have a correct and most dynamic sound drive crashed, if I compare it with the Plexitone Carl Martin, there is not shit Carl Martin is at the top but well above, for a pedal that I sold I end up with a pedal less and more expensive ... hello sodomy, guys they could have a jar of vaseline and gloves mappa at this price
on my amp Mesa, there is also a funny DVD Gad Elmaleh from family directos we doing in the trash, the sound is transparent limit, no character is soft knee drive it's effect PC
The argument is purely commercial lamp should not this deluded, it does strictly brings nothing like most pedals lamps elsewhere ... except exeption


Radial I have some product like their DI boxes or side Reamp Studio OK there are good on the other hand for pedals drive ah there it is not a disaster ... the whole series is to throw, I have not tested the London but it strongly resembles the same without lamp
I think this pedal is geared more for studio use or registration on its sting directly from the console and reworks the signal from a soft
For my part, bought second-hand pedal sold presto, I'm going to Bogner Blue we'll see

MoulesFrites's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very expensive and not very good"

Radial Engineering Hot British
see website builder
1 lamp 12 AX7 in the circuit but for me this is a joke or a commercial argument fallacious.
footswitch defective only after a few uses. the price of the pedal is a shame


there aplein to switch to sculpt the sound by cutting, adding the medium, making the sound more so creamy. it is very easy to use. may be less for a beginner.


the sound is very dynamic unless you place a treble booster pedal in upstream élaircit a little signal. big headroom but sound very much like a honeycomb in final.csonne lamp transistor and not a penny. Moreover, is it really serves to separate effect pedal in garland


disappointment. pedal very expensive and of poor quality which made exorbitant is not justified. you have been warned. if you want a good distortion lamp think blackstar ht series pedal.

millezotla's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Radial Engineering Hot British
Everything has been said


simple utilistation


Well to some extent! I find that other pedals are much cheaper as well or better! Analogue without lamp is widely as good.
If we increase the gain too, a honeycomb style!


Very high price!

warlus1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The large heavy"

Radial Engineering Hot British
Distortion with a lamp (12AX7)
volume, treble, bass, contour, drive
3 eq knobs used as: a curve for the treble, one for the medium, for the last boost.


In use:
The box is metal (solid) but the switch on / off required a replacement (at the same time, a new switch is € 20 max)

It was on a sound: the gain of 2 to give her an ACDC, from 7, it is up, the rest of the race has no effect (and frankly, it's already out of 5 huge). To give you an idea, it is the distortion of "Enter Sandman" by Metallica.

Treble and bass knobs are effective and to define the sound you want.

The eq section is very well: it does not alter the sound of the pedal, it "adds" of sound:
eq acute:
bottom: one is the "muffled"
center: the normal foot
Up-bee adds to the distortion, you get to the register of metal.

Eq medium:
Bottom: curve of the linear equalizer
center: in the low midrange (the metal)
top: bump in the medium (the rock)

Eq Boost:
bottom: no boost
Center: 7 db
top: 12 db

Note that the button "contour" acts on the positioning of the center of the curve of the medium but is not as effective as the "outline of a fender amp (for example). Its effect is more like a tone knob.

The race of the buttons exceeds that of the visual cues (it's going to the 13/10)

I never use the boost but for those who use it, it lacks a switch to activate or not useful for a solo boost.


Knobs and buttons change the sound very well but we always recognize the sound of the pedal.

To make his "modern" consider adding an EQ pedal after.

If the sound becomes "runny" it has that certain frequencies eat up the other, consider changing the lamp.

Test your amp as an amplifier to another, the sound is very different (sometimes bad!)


I had already done a review (Warlingham) but I make a new account ... Since I changed the lamp and its defects have disappeared. Know that there is a circuit "analog", so it's not a pedal "full light" (we understand).

I was looking for a tube distortion and I'm not disappointed.

123thierryv's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Radial Engineering Hot British
For all the features already stated below: http://www.tonebone.com


the possibilities are endless which makes carving his own sound even if it takes time ... especially note these settings!


Principal for my leave:
to use this pedal and get its true sonic potential, I replace the tube 12AX7 home by SYLVANIA NOS purchased from Bestubes, it speaks for itself it must simply listen to the difference is a vamp !
Sylvania 12AX7 or Mullard and pedal gives its maximum ....!


I've had a year and the recent change in eect tube (3 days)
I had a lot of distortion pedals, rack and tube amp lamp
I like everything because it is comprehensive and plugs into any amp even bad by making a great sound
you can buy new pedals for a change of texture, but it remains to me a reference in the sense of taste very good sound.

malade's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Radial Engineering Hot British
Yes c is perfect

The edition of the sounds is very specific and varies


Very nice distortion, the lamp filled with a good job (I'll change it for such a best)
I play on a series guitareIbanez I plug the S on my Tonebone BOSS VF 1 which is connected to two combo amp Peavy Bandit 112 Sheffield Transtube stereo c is the total I go from blues to heavy as anything


Over the past year
other tube pedals have s very rare in-store
it happens to mention a Boss not hold a candle to a Tonebone
Well a little expensive but I regret it is $ 200 Canadian a c pedals Quality

Warlus's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Radial Engineering Hot British
High-gain distortion equalization lamp with 27 presets (I will return)

1 volume

for the portion distortion
An acute rglage
An adjustable low
A contour
A gain

equalization for the part
3 positions a potentiometer for treble
A potentiometer for position 3 mediums
A 3-position potentiometer boost


The use could not be easier ... you pressed the button and ca ... loose sauce or pure ....
The distal part:
the volume of the distortion: the silence over

the acute rglage bees and adds volume in the high and low rglage up the volume low.

set the gain 1 / 10 gives you the sound ac / dc and 7 / 10 Sounds Pleymo (increases the bees but it is recognized trs though the sound of the pedals. Beyond the 7 / 10, you hear no diffrence

contour button works with some of the positions qualisation (see below): But the outline should be more like a button Whereas Tone.
Part qualisation
potentiomtre the first played on the treble
1st position: we cut the treble
2nd position: qualiseur plastic (acute = low)
3rd position: Acute max, which is to say distortion max
Beware the final volume is greatly changed with the button (position 3 = volume).
the deuxime potentiomtre plays on medium:
1st position: qualiseur flat.
2nd position: digging mdium (his mtal)
3rd position: increased mdium reduced acute and lightweight (the rock)
button to position the contour will occur in the spectrum curve modified when choosing the 2nd or troisime position.
the troisiemme potentiomtre serves boost:
1) shot 2) 7dB boost + 3) + 12 dB boost

3potentiometres 3-position: 27 equalization possible ... Now, in real life, the first potentiometer is almost always the bottom, the second position 2 or 3 and troisime is often shot.
10/10 for this part because there are many posibilities

BUT CHANGE THE LAMP IS A @ M% OF: you must remove all the buttons (by shooting) without losing the washers, the input and output cables (with a cl dvisser and cover with cl a hexagonal shape. APRS have disassemble the animal, we are faced with what I call "card-mre." We change the lamp, it goes back to the unit (in pestifer Rant of the tissues located on the 3 potentiomtres qualisation (ca empcher the dusts used to enter through it ...) short impractical. 2 / 10


They say it makes a sound "marshall" I personally do not like her .... and fortunately I did not find the sound with the Marshall pedals. The distortion is trssche the game palm-mute trs is good, it seems to be part of Deftones

The light plays its rle.

True-bypass: no need to power the pedals (but personally I've never understood the interest to plug your guitar effect that is not food ...

The amp that you plug in the animal has great importance: Resistors little amp supports it (in other words, the sound is pourave), I test cube roland, marshall valve , laney and only with what marriage silent serene c'tait on an old Fender amp HOT (playing with the control of the amp). The potentiometer of the pedals affecent normment sound. Amp ....: a lamp that pleasure, the other an amp the sound is radically DIFFERENT trs but still good, the distortion of the potentiometers affect the sound to a lesser extent. The only amp that I have not heard of diffrence between the distortion of the amp and the Tonebone, c'tait on a H & K trilogy mounted on a cabinet Engl ... to recall the trilogy 8 lamps (if I'm not mistaken), the Radial has a.

the sound of the pedals that even when high-gain old school but an equalizer paste it in the ass and it's happiness.
7 / 10 (because of the amps Resistors)
I do not want the sound of famous people.


I had occas € 150 (€ 260 new) I think it is CHRE but many people (local businesses in instruments) who did not know this PDAL n'taient not surprised by the price and felt that was worth ca.

I love the sound it loose, it is not comparable to the Boss. I intend to do a video test in July beginners ...

Now the Argus is € 130 but you will not find it under € 150.

two tips: the les paul, the sound is too fat (draft) lorsqueje plays on the neck pickup with the gain of the distortion of the del 5 / 10.

the sound volume lost after the end of life of the switch (APRS 7 years of service) so the pedals is currently in repair.

charly700's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Radial Engineering Hot British
Distortion pedal tube 12 AX7
1 input 1 output
various switches for awesome sound


Use can be tedious for a beginner because of the number of switches


Grain distortion pleasant, grainy, compact drive but becomes rough beyond 3 / 4, or to the metal furious, blah.

solution, then use an equalizer or compressor as bright as the home aphex punch factory to the pedal.

Very well to the van halen, metal and other rock couillu but the solution I am advocating.

Also performs well with single coil mircos like a stratocaster.


I use the hot british 2 years.
Pedal with a blade inside, full of knobs to sculpt the sound depth.

Goodies: grain, switches, lots of gain, goes well with single coil pickups and humbucker

The -: After three quarters of the race, the drive becomes rough (my solution: a compressor aphex punch factory at the foot that compresses the sound and makes Brilant how to excite a).
The switch was released after several hours of use soft, I had to replace it with better quality.

A pedal too expensive compared to the quality provided

john_wardis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Radial Engineering Hot British
Distortion used by Kirk Hammett of Metallica
Pedals lamp (one 12AX7)
Input and output jack guitar standart and 15 volts power supply (sold)


Manual can be useless except for beginners who can not not connect!?
We get a killer sound at once the equalization could not be easier
We're going to solo sound fuzz distortion big edge
Look carefully you can easily find the sound we like
She sounds English (see the name is not hard to understand) according to the settings, useful for jou AC / DC for example


I play with an Ibanez RG and a micro EMG ESP LTD
Play preferably with tube amp for better sound quality and equipped guitar micro active
Even when the sound is clean with low-end hardware


Used for 10 days
I try a variety of distortion pedals before the one and I regret not having discovered before
A little expensive but nine argus can easily find something
For those who doubt the qualitbr /> TRY IT!!