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Radial Engineering user reviews

  • Radial Engineering ProRMP

    Radial Engineering ProRMP - "No studio should be without one"


    The Radial Pro-RMP is designed to take a line level signal and transform the impedance to make it useable with an instrument amplifier. The purpose is to take some of the pressure out of the recording process. This way the artist can work on g…

  • Radial Engineering Cherry Picker

    Radial Engineering Cherry Picker - "Great for condenser mics"


    I just used the Radial Cherry Picker for the first time this week and I must say I am very impressed with the built in 48V phantom power and clean warm sound. This pre amp has a straight wire signal path that does not color your sound and is very cle…

  • Radial Engineering ProD2

    Radial Engineering ProD2 - "The AV2 vs the ProD2"


    The Radial ProD2 is a passive stereo DI that has a 15 dB pad. It also has a lift switch and for the price of 150, you really won’t find another one as good as the Radial ProD2 is. It is well made and built to last you a long time. It is made out of m…

  • Radial Engineering Bones London

    Radial Engineering Bones London - "Hot rod Plexi in a box!"


    The Bones London dual distortion is a pedal modeled after a British half stack that has plenty of options: two independent channel volumes, a drive knob, low and high eq knobs and two 3 position switches to control upper and lower mids. There are als…

  • Radial Engineering ProDI

    Radial Engineering ProDI - "lots of options"


    The Radial PRODI is a high quality, single channel direct input box. It is an analog unit and just has two 1/4 inch connections - one is an input to plug your instrument or signal into and the other is a through output to send your signal someplace e…

  • Radial Engineering Plexitube

    Radial Engineering Plexitube - nickname009's review


    12ax7 equipped tube distortion clean, rhythm and lead in one pedal insert loop for effects on lead channel true bypass This is the plexitube. Radial's take on what a marshall plexi sounds like. Features are quite good. Although the controls …

  • Radial Engineering Trimode

    Radial Engineering Trimode - nickname009's review


    True Bypass Clean Mode Dynamic Rhythm Distortion Mode Dynamic Lead Distortion Mode 12ax7 tube for natural overdrive tone Effects loop on lead channel Individual controls: Level, Drive, Midboost Shared controls: Filter, High, Low, Top End, Dri…

  • Radial Engineering BigShot ABY

    Radial Engineering BigShot ABY - "great, solid ABY."


    I don't know if I'm just biased towards canadian made stuff but I have always liked radial products, they always seem to have great build quality and very reliable customer service. Even their ABY boxes are high grade steel of some sort and the switc…

  • Radial Engineering Loopbone

    Radial Engineering Loopbone - "At first, complex, but useful given the right circumstances."


    Ok so I don't think radial's website properly explains what this device really is. To keep it simple, it's basically a 2-looper pedal with a tuner out, a clean boost, a buffer and an amp switcher all in one. The loopbone allows you to have 2 sets …

  • Radial Engineering PZ-Pre

    Radial Engineering PZ-Pre - "Nice Pre "


    Radial Engineering is one of those companies that has revolutionized the pedal world with their innovative and useful electronics. They have build some of the world's best foot pedals and controllers. This is an acoustic pre amp and direct box tha…