Radial Engineering Plexitube
Radial Engineering Plexitube

Plexitube, Other guitar saturation effect from Radial Engineering in the Tonebone series.

Solid sunset 12/05/2013

Radial Engineering Plexitube : Solid sunset's user review

«  Among the best no doubt / value / price OCCAZ »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Distortion lamp two channels. Many réglges wholesale equalizer galore in the form of knobs and switches + Gain setting common to both channels + two independent volumes.

I feel that the channel 2 (lead) is not identical to the first hand is over medium-high. Loop particular effect it is a female jack stereo in which a split stereo cable is plugged into two monos used to create the effects loop by putting pedals in between.

Built like a Tank


It 'n there's no need for manual but easily found online.
Must spend time knobs have very reactive / effective as the switches, they interact with each other and with the volume.

Not simple but very flexible, this box will fit all rig.


This is simply excellent. It is clearly in the british and british hotroded. It is in Marshall, one can clearly evoke the plexi. Is this the sound of a non plexi, but the grain is in fact closer.

The foot knobs but is responsive to the limit set is:
-If you set the gain between 12h and 15h by lowering the volume of the guitar you will not get that nice crunch that goes well
-Wise if you stay on the gain you mean between 9am and 11am to find some thing that crunch elegantly (coarse slightly compressed).

- With a slight boost before or TS can get side slash. this config is very very efficace.Là crunch begins to be very beautiful, the manipulation knob skyscraper works very well in this case.

I use it with a good LP and a small Ibanez 15w.Avec a TS and boost upstream.

it well there's two real channels configured in the passage lead you done very well out of the mix.

Very nice headroom with the various settings I think we can do anything except perhaps search of the American ultra distortion own type Mesa.Mais good there should not buy Mesatube the Plexitube ...

Beautiful vibrant, heat, rich in harmonics


I use it for 2 years. No major fault in my opinion. this is a very good product, very good priced new Cygnus.

to date this is the best distortion I had in hand, I would just try the Bogner Ecstasy RED to see if the grass is greener.