Bogner Ecstasy Red

Bogner Ecstasy Red

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Ecstasy Red, Other guitar saturation effect from Bogner.

6 user reviews
Prices starting at $300 Average price: $300

Bogner Ecstasy Red tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Bogner
  • Model: Ecstasy Red
  • Category: Other guitar saturation effects
  • Added in our database on: 03/23/2012

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Bogner Ecstasy Red user reviews

Average Score:3.3( 3.3/5 based on 6 reviews )
 2 reviews33 %
 1 user review17 %
 1 user review17 %
 1 user review17 %
 1 user review17 %
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jefferyfreelance's review"Good Features But Not the Best Sound"

Bogner Ecstasy Red
When I went from a multi-effects device to individual pedals I needed a good distortion pedal to anchor my sound. I wanted a distortion pedal that included a boost feature. I also wanted control of the level and the amount of distortion that the boost feature would add. I decided on the Bogner Red Ecstasy pedal. I have not played through any of their amps, but the amp model from Line 6 was one of my favorites.

The Distortion

Many of the reviews I read about the pedal said that the distortion was too much. I thought about getting the blue version because of this complaint. I am glad I went with the red. My gain is at 2 o’clock, and I could probably go higher but I use it in conjunction with some overdrive pedals for layering my level of distortion. I do not think that the distortion is too heavy. I play mostly classic rock, progressive, some pop, and heavy rock, this pedal handles these genres well.

It took me a while to dial in the right sound. To me the EQ settings that I settled on seem odd. The treble is at 9 o’clock, mid is at 4 o’clock, and bass is at about 9:30. I still cannot believe that this is where it sounds best, but it does.

Switches Aplenty

There are four mini-switches atop this pedal. They each have an effect on the overall sound. You will have to spend some time figuring out which one sounds best with your rig. Mine is set as follows- Variac: On, Mode: Full, Pre EQ: n, and Structure: 10. Again, you will have to spend some time flipping switches and turning knobs to find what sounds best. I use both single coil and humbucker loaded guitars, and all of them are active electronics.


At first I was upset that the boost switch did not work unless the distortion was engaged. I wanted to use the boost for my clean sound as well as for solos. Then it hit me that I could have the boost on ready to take me to a solo sound straight from my clean tone. This was a revelation, and is now my favorite feature of the pedal. The amount of boost and distortion added when the boost is engaged have independent controls which is great.

Extra Features

The input and output are all on the top of the pedal which is great for putting it on a pedalboard. There is also a remote in for controlling the pedal with an external footswitch. I can see good applications for this feature, but I do not have a need for it at this time. The pedal is not too large and does not hog up a bunch of real estate on a pedalboard.


It is not the best sounding distortion pedal I have ever heard. It is not bad, it just is not mind-blowing. This might be due to my own tone chasing tendencies, since I am not hearing the sound that is in my head. Then again it has been on my pedalboard for over a year so there is that. Also, the boost switch went bad on me, and I had to have it replaced. I did buy the pedal used so that might be due to poor treatment by the previous owner, but the local guitar tech put in a much better and smoother switch.

Would I buy the Bogner Red Ecstasy again? It has some very nice features, and the sound is good just not fantastic. I am sure I could find another pedal that does all the same things, and I admit that I have my eye on some contenders, but it works. The sound just is not my taste. It would work fine for someone doing pop to heavy rock. Take it for a test drive if you are interested, and see if it is more to your liking.

KirKill's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Bogner Ecstasy Red
Bogner pedal drive by repeating the Red channel amp Ecstasy
Volume 1, Volume 1 boost
1 Treble, 1 Middle, Bass 1
1 Gain 1 Gain boost
1 variac Switch on / off, 1 Switch Mode tight / mellow / full, 1 eq n/b1/b2 pre Switch 1 Switch 100/101/20th structure
1 swich on / off 1 Boost switch on / off
Handmade and pedal True bypass
9v power supply


Fender 65 les paul traditional, american strat TV


Well, I'll try to make it short ... this is a pedal that I did not absolutely appreciated ... I can not absolutely get a clean sound ... is what my Fender is allergic Bogner in?? anyway the result is rather fuzzy with a lot of treble or high middle is very rough rhythmic ... we leave a good bouillabaisse Paris, we read a little left to right it n ' is not oriented rhythm, which for me is still 100% true (except for the Grunge), and would be more dedicated to the lead except that it lacks sharp, it drooling in all directions, even Kurt Cobain solos are clean made it a dirty side and right which is still weird is like perfume or bum that beautiful girl that stinks ... ass ... especially when its perplexing she removes her panties lol
The use of this pedal I have not found much I triturated switches and knobs I leave nothing convincing, the sound is not vintage, a little modern ... really weird, as with Blue we see here or Bogner wanted to come, as there aside my bank account which turns red I do not see too ...


Bon bah no surprise in any case it will not suit everyone, I will repeat myself for the Blue, pedals Bogner is fashionable ... except that the miss sixty low waist with strings that exceeds c is finished, the methods it always ended up dying and yet I love the sausage
therefore € 295 for improved RAT I find it a bit expensive especially the Rattler + Jam Pedals home is cheaper ... In conclusion it kept your money will always be € 300 more in your future amp
guilbertvince@mail.pf03/03/2014's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Take your pill!"

Bogner Ecstasy Red
On features, nothing to say. The pedal is beautiful, all options and exudes quality. It's a gem that one hesitates to put a pedalboard for fear of damaging it. It amazes, put it in full view and say with small tear to the eye it is our quest for the ultimate sound may be finally over. You tell me, for 300 euros the pedal, have wants to believe ...
So Are there miracle and let us Ecstasier us?


With a Gibson SG, a few other pedals, all this in a Ibanez TSA15.


If you are looking to make the Swedish metal or trash with Brazilian, go your way. There are much better for that distortion.
That offers Ecstasy Red in terms of sound, this is a big typed vintage overdrive, very dynamic, designed for leads. If you like your guitar sound in "Returning" on the ropes, it is happiness. This pedal can wander through its small switch a grainy vintage overdrive to a typed Shred his 80s, like Van Halen or Steve Vai. The boost does not really add saturation but it will make you fat and low sound, as if you were a vintage UK a Californian Mark IV combo type amp.
The interest of this pedal is its behavior is really that of an amp channel. Sound "follows" the guitarist and it is you who conformed with your games.
You can also boost with TS9 or any other boost for example.


This is a wonderful pedal "purists", but it will disappoint those looking for a typical distortion corrected. I also think it is really intended for Leads and much less for the rhythm, and it is certainly the work of the Blue ecstasy. The issue of complementarity of these two pedals must be asked, but then it starts to get expensive.

Although at first I was a little disappointed with the lack of distortion, I am familiar with and I admit that now I can not do without ... But I'll have to really look for the Blue.

Bloodysatch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Versatility and"

Bogner Ecstasy Red
Level characteristics, we can say that it is complete:
the classic volume, bass, mid, trebble and gain and four small switches interesting to sculpt our sound!
First we have the variac that the voltage position of the pedal (not said but Bogner 18volt pedals are internally apparently despite 9DCV PSU) is reduced.
Then switch the mode in which "tight" the mids and highs are accentuated fashion, more accurate bass and higher gain mode gain is less mellow and no action on different frequencies and mode full gain is higher but less precise bass.
Then we switch the pre-eq for which in "b1" the highs are more present in "n" that is neutral and "b2" adds midrange and treble.
Finally strucutre offers with "20th anniversary" a more modern sound with boosted mids and treble switch, with "101" and a decidedly vintage sound with the "100" but with more midrange and treble bass reduced.

As has been said, it is of course an analog pedal: it has an input connector and an output jack, input / output for remote control of the boost and the on / off of the pedal via a switcher and course an input for the power supply 9DCV.

I have nothing to say about the features, this pedal is surely one of the most comprehensive on the market.


The general configuration is not complex but it takes time if you want to find the sound that we like and I spent a lot of time on this side.
The manual does not tell us much more than what I said in "features".


Significant thing with this little pedal is that it sounds and with that many amps, unlike übershall pedal which to me sounded really good with my amp head and a special speaker.

In any case I put a little time to find the sound that I liked, I must say with all the switches it was not easy.
I found my optimal setting by turning the variac OFF and structure of the 20th anniversary for the way I'm tight and the pre-eq I alternate between b1 and b2 depending on my mood ^ ^.

With this pedal I managed to have a very pleasant crunch and high-gain distortion as good


I use it for almost 2 months and I am very happy with this purchase ^ ^

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