Radial Engineering Hot British
Radial Engineering Hot British

Hot British, Distortion from Radial Engineering in the Tonebone series.

KirKill 05/12/2014

Radial Engineering Hot British : KirKill's user review

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Plexi-type pedal drive with 1 lamp 12AX7, it is in the version with single channel pedal Plexitube home Radial
1 level
1 low
1 high
1 outline
1 drive
1 3-position switch for top end (brightness level)
1 3-position switch for voicing
1 switch 3 position for Mid boost
True Bypass
little regret there is no knob middle, just a little switch




this is where it will hurt the sound is boxy and fuzzy in my Fender 65 with my Les Paul impossible to have a correct and most dynamic sound drive crashed, if I compare it with the Plexitone Carl Martin, there is not shit Carl Martin is at the top but well above, for a pedal that I sold I end up with a pedal less and more expensive ... hello sodomy, guys they could have a jar of vaseline and gloves mappa at this price
on my amp Mesa, there is also a funny DVD Gad Elmaleh from family directos we doing in the trash, the sound is transparent limit, no character is soft knee drive it's effect PC
The argument is purely commercial lamp should not this deluded, it does strictly brings nothing like most pedals lamps elsewhere ... except exeption


Radial I have some product like their DI boxes or side Reamp Studio OK there are good on the other hand for pedals drive ah there it is not a disaster ... the whole series is to throw, I have not tested the London but it strongly resembles the same without lamp
I think this pedal is geared more for studio use or registration on its sting directly from the console and reworks the signal from a soft
For my part, bought second-hand pedal sold presto, I'm going to Bogner Blue we'll see