Tenson Pack Guitare Electrique Debutant
Tenson Pack Guitare Electrique Debutant

Pack Guitare Electrique Debutant, Guitar Package from Tenson.

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Average Score:1.8( 1.8/5 based on 5 reviews )
 2 reviews40 %
 3 reviews60 %
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Kahlron's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tenson Pack Guitare Electrique Debutant
I have two friends who have this guitar and nothing compared to mine (ibanez gsz120) the sound is awful, and between the neck pickup and the mic lead and I do not see the difference.
Body shape also: this guitar is ugly! and not fun to play
the handle also: to play three bars on a background distortion is cool but when to do it sound a bit dead or just any solo a little faster is not possible to get it right
oh yeah also the vibrato: they are crushed they took a normal bridge-type fender and they just put the screws not engaged to move the bridge with the set screws. 10min is fun but can do nothing of what is possible with a floyd rose
if the amp is not exceptional, the distortion is not accurate, the eq sucks ...

FlavLeRebelle's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tenson Pack Guitare Electrique Debutant
I bought this guitar in January 2006. M'tais I put the guitar tt 3 months and I wanted a cheap electric one.
Feedback, I want even more to touch. I believe that one day I'll make me happy and exploded into rpt: D
Not srieusement, for beginners it is for 3 or 4 months and APRS we realize that it's crap. There are a lot better. This is not the same budget, but a friend has an Epiphone SG by (just over 300Euros Thomann) and it did not see anything.

Its shit, jouabliti execrable (I tried a american deluxe cot it's pure joy).

I have not tried other and anyway it would change anything, I knew nothing.

Is shit first prize.

I never Tenson not redeem my life.

Matt-in-fire's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tenson Pack Guitare Electrique Debutant
In fact, I just tried a full hour with a friend who started in the guitar and frankly, it's more than enough to say that this stuff is really the crap!
Just after a quarter hour, I farted in the high E string on a solo Santana (Europa) with barely a full bend, which normally should have resisted!
Then it examines his ears ... and there .... HORROR ...... the sound is dirty, flat, lifeless, it really Playschool toy from home (without the pub) lol
Essentially the microphones is not great at all!
+: The price is certainly cheap but with a few euros more you scratch takes a ptite style Yamaha, Squier, Ibanez secondhand ° (150 Euros) with a small line6/Marshall 15/30 Watts (150 EUROS )!
And then the pack may well take 3 / 4 years of practice!
-: All, ie d: micro-
-Sounds ,...... nothing more than me!!

Grosomodo, this pack is definitely for those who do not continue the practice of the guitar !!!!! Max 6 months.

koyuki23's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tenson Pack Guitare Electrique Debutant
I bought this pack there is now a year and a half for the electric guitar for beginners ATTENTION against the amp was delivered with a Marshall MG 10 CD for my part that changes a lot.

With hindsight and the experience is the record:

Positive equipment
The stand-still serves me quite useful to expose my beautiful open air ^ ^
The crank-always handy and so far resisted well including pull out of my ankle cort E70
D'Addario Strings, which made me to become a real addariophile ^ ^

Negative Equipment
-The horror Tenson tuner imprecise as no two eventually direct the trash when my boss bought TU 80
-The strap too cheap, which broke in 1 month
A not-terrible cover that protects the few and not waterproof

Given to the amp as it differs depending on the vendors I prefer not to put it here

Guitar, this is a guitar type stractocaster with two single coils and a double, a vibrato handle 21 boxes, 5-way switch, 1 volume control 2 settings tones, the guitar is even very slight, the sound has been tested on a fender hot road is very soft treble its pretty clear the serious shortage of fishing but it's still honorable, the handle is surprisingly comfortable, then the black points of this guitar, do not strapslocks and stands the body of the guitar which is quite dangerous (to take his guitar on the feet is not good in general) the jack is not of good quality is to be Resser daily, and the selector knobs are imprecise , parasites cause ... not great, the vibrato is not bad but still quite light so it easy on the oil bath mechanical tuning are zero or two per day required. This guitar if you find it secondhand 40 or 50 euros can be interesting by changing the electronic and mechanical violin for beginners in amateur cheaply.

I reused the scratches after a while (3 months ago in fact I had left under cover for at least eight months ^ ^) and with modifications (Mecas changes and knobs) and more experience by scraping this gives a scratch unpretentious but pleasant to play even when

Basically the guitar could be better if it had better Mecas, electronic and real strapslocks nine at the price I find it too expensive for its quality tural, on occasion it can make you scratch a little quiet at home to repeat the evening, or make the amateur violin with used parts is always a good hands Occasion to the mechanical

tidav29f's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tenson Pack Guitare Electrique Debutant
I've had 1 year and is already more than enough! ^ ^
ke I love this .... uh ... its price! ^ ^
I do not like is the guitar in itself because it is not very attractive
sen lass is very easily discover ...
value for money is good because it says to 150E was not much choza!
but first I find it good ...
EM to start ...