Bare Knuckle Pickups Rebell Yell
Bare Knuckle Pickups Rebell Yell

Rebell Yell, Guitar Pickup from Bare Knuckle Pickups in the Humbuckers Contemporary series.

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All user reviews for the Bare Knuckle Pickups Rebell Yell

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 4 reviews )
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 2 reviews50 %
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Hatsubai's review"Mix between vintage and modern"

Bare Knuckle Pickups Rebell Yell
The Bare Knucke Pickups Rebel Yell is a pickup made for Steve Stevens. It’s part of the contemporary line, but I find it’s not nearly as aggressive as some of the other contemporary pickups that Tim offers. It features slugs on one end, adjustable pole pieces on the other, Alnico V magnets for both the neck and bridge and four conductor wiring is standard. It also has tons of other options you can choose from, including some really neat ray gun inlays on the covers.

Steve Stevens was looking for someone to create some custom pickups for him, and he turned to Tim at Bare Knuckle Pickups. After some tweaking, Tim made the Rebel Yell, named after Billy Idol’s famous song. This pickup really growls, too. It’s got this vintage sounding overtone going on, but it’s still modern enough to where it is tight and aggressive. The bass on this is pushed back a bit, but it’s a more vintage style bass. It’s not that super in your face bass that the Warpig has. The midrange on this is boosted a bit to help overdrive the amp. It’s almost like a 500T at times with the midrange. The treble is boosted a touch, but it’s far from being harsh and brittle. It seems to have just the right amount of treble to really cut. Split coil and parallel tones also work wonderful with this pickup.

I found that this pickup tends to work in more neutral to darker sounding woods. It really lends itself to sounding nice in alder and mahogany guitars. These seem to really allow the pickup to shine and show its true nature. Those looking for a super high output pickup will probably want to look elsewhere in the BKP line, but those who want a more classic rock/80s heavy metal kind of tone should adore these pickups.

M.Clark's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" the best of the best!!"

Bare Knuckle Pickups Rebell Yell
Mounted on Gibson Les Paul, a killer for the Rock, Hard, or Garage Grunge ....

The best of the best Bareknuckle!! the bridge pickup is mortal. I've never heard of micro as organic. other models are a bit too straight for my taste (except perhaps the "Crawler", but that the more conventional air, like PAF Pro supercharged.

A buy eyes closed!! You tell me the news!!
Thibault Abrial06/15/2013

Thibault Abrial's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" good but ..."

Bare Knuckle Pickups Rebell Yell
Used 3 years ago, yes, good definition, good harmonics, but not fat enough grain in my opinion but it also depends on the guitar, too expensive, not for this guitar (Gibson Les Paul Classic Premium +)

phaesis's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)"Accurate, sharp, balanced"

Bare Knuckle Pickups Rebell Yell
Good evening ... I had the chance to acquire Bare Knuckle Rebel Yell has a very attractive price and I therefore mounted my LP Honey Burst SR!
there or stop the SR BKP pickups continue ... CTs are already very careful ... BKP but are closer to the microphones KAMI ...
Well good these pickups microphones BKP Rebel Yell ... its not super accurate invasive low side of beautiful midrange treble that contrast well and adaptability by playing with those knobs whatsoever volume and treble ... after some hesitation I have no regrets but ... I keep my SR microphones in case ...

Rebel Yell if the neck is more than a home SH1 seymour

Rebel Yell and the Bridge sends a much better home seymour HS6

I found much pleasure as the microphones in KAMI ...

blackrose in the neck and bridge the arashi are quite similar and also PRO

side wiring colors son SR microphones are identical to Seymour Duncan ... so easy life ... by BKP cons in other colors so be careful to make the correspondence easy enough but then there'll experiment if your guitar has a good violin no hesitation!
Friendly and above all musically