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Thread unread[Getting started] The Top Guitar Pickup Brands[Guitar Pickups]6FloSon335409/30/2019 10:16
by HardTailDrive
Thread readComments about the feature article: How to Adjust Your Guitar Pickups for Best Sound[Guitar Pickups]5Chater-La946612/06/2016 01:37
by Honch
Thread read[Getting started] Beyond Passive Pickups[Guitar Pickups]0Doktor Sven70011/18/2015 15:26
by Doktor Sven
Thread read[Getting started] Pickup Formats[Guitar Pickups]0Doktor Sven64411/11/2015 13:01
by Doktor Sven
Thread read[Getting started] About Sngle-Coils, Dual-Coils and More[Guitar Pickups]0Doktor Sven69011/06/2015 08:44
by Doktor Sven
Thread read[Getting started] What Are Guitar and Bass Pickups Made Of?[Guitar Pickups]0Doktor Sven67010/29/2015 13:02
by Doktor Sven
Thread read[Getting started] How magnetic pickups are built and how they work[Guitar Pickups]0Doktor Sven68110/21/2015 12:37
by Doktor Sven
Thread readFitting P90 soap bar pickups on a strat or tele?[Guitar Pickups]0southerntwang106704/22/2015 06:23
by southerntwang
Thread readComments about the news item: Seymour Duncan launches a triple cream humbucker[Seymour Duncan Triple Cream LD Model]1Banshee in Avalon80704/05/2014 16:08
by chickenjedi
Thread readMegadrive?[DiMarzio DP107 MegaDrive]3myriam63660_en491903/19/2010 15:05
by customguitar
Thread readDimarzio DP110 FS-1 Stratocaster Style Single Coil Pickup[DiMarzio DP110 FS-1]1tonesage305712/22/2009 14:05
by archtop
Thread read[News] Q-Tuner GL-6[Q-Tuner GL-6]0Cannonball120908/09/2008 12:02
by Cannonball
Thread read[News] Dimarzio PAF Bridge DP223[DiMarzio DP223 PAF 36th Anniversary Bridge]0Cannonball116506/24/2008 11:35
by Cannonball
Thread read[News] Shadow Upgrades SH141 Pickup[Shadow SH141]0Cannonball107506/10/2008 10:23
by Cannonball
Thread read[News] Fishman Nashville Series Pickups[Fishman Spider Style Resophonic Pickup]0Cannonball92306/07/2008 04:19
by Cannonball
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