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Schaller Guitar Pickups user reviews

  • Schaller Golden '50s Set

    Schaller Golden '50s Set - " Real sausages serve high quality microphones!"


    I just bought a microphone set Schaller Golden 50 dat 1992 (Chroms caches), used as new, they clearly do not or very little used (achets a forum member who did not use them, his team will have 535 Heritage Gibson 57 since the departure). These microp…

  • Schaller Golden 50 (Bridge) 220B

    Schaller Golden 50 (Bridge) 220B - " Vintage copy of the Gibson classic 57?"


    I have a couple of Golden Classic installed on my Gibson LP Studio. They are split-(but I do not use it). The microphone has a grain vintage, very airy and with relatively little gain. I think it is comparable to the Gibson Classic 57, but I've nev…

  • Schaller 10/43

    Schaller 10/43 - zjulos's review


    Excellent quality price magnetic micro adjustable rosette guitar chord mtal, I find its good trs, trs own, and actually warm So I mounted on my half in cash DEFINITIONS HOPF / Glassl - Super De Lux 320SL a small change because there is no ros…

  • Schaller 10/43

    Schaller 10/43 - Jeff Willorun's review


    In raction with the opinion I possde a microphone of this model for over 20 years and I mount on several instruments including a Yamaha 12 string, the sound of this microphone is remarkable trs is similar to that of a sensor with more heat and you ca…

  • Schaller 10/43

    Schaller 10/43 - juanito007's review


    Thomann bought 31 euros Mount test on yamaha folk guitar: Can not get a sound out of this microphone, ca crachotte, full of false contacts shipped to thomann to guarantee I receive a mail telling me that this microphone works well and that he is …

  • Schaller Golden 50 (Bridge) 220B

    Schaller Golden 50 (Bridge) 220B - jesuswasapunk's review


    -Used for 1 week Micro-hot PAF replica home gibson.a vintage sounds! -Compared to the Seymour Duncan or DiMarzio incredible price = quality ratio! "It is the microphone not very very expensive, but stunning! …