DigiTech Digiverb
DigiTech Digiverb

Digiverb, Reverb for Guitar from DigiTech in the X series.

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 6 reviews )
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Fireguy8402's review"Great cheap Reverb."

DigiTech Digiverb
The Digitech Digiverb is a reverb pedal with a couple little special touches. The Digiverb has several different models of reverb to chose from including; Room, Plate, Hall, Church, Gated, Reverse, and Spring. Digitech uses a four knob layout that is easy to navigate. The Level knob adjusts the volume of the reverb. The EQ knob acts as a tone filter and allows you to adjust the brightness of the reverb. The Decay knob adjusts the duration of the reverb. The Mode knob allows you to switch between the different modes of reverb.


This pedal has a solid metal casing and sturdy knobs, so it appears to be pretty sturdy. I’ve had no issues with reliability after a few years of use. This pedal works great at the end of your pedal chain before the front end of the amp, or even better in my opinion in the loop of the amp. If the spaciousness of the pedal alone isn’t enough for you, Digitech includes stereo outs to allow you to spread your guitar signal between two different amps or for use with recording equipment.


The different modes really do make a difference in the tone pending on what you are going for. All of my amps have spring reverb onboard so I use this pedal for more washed out sounds found in the hall and plate settings, but the spring reverb is very close to the reverb found on my Classic 30 from Peavey. You can pull in a very natural amp sounding reverb all the way up to full on, wash out pads of lushness. No major changes in bypassed tone were noticed and all the models sound good in their own ways. Reverse and gated are the two models I have little experience with, but the others work perfect for my needs.


Overall this thing is well worth the price they ask for it new, and can be a steal on the used market. I haven’t had any reliability issues with it, and it seems to be well built. The tones coming out of this thing were only available in large rackmount units or bulky outboard reverb tanks years back, so it’s great to have them all packed into a manageable pedal form. The Digiverb is budget friendly, useful pedal for many applications and genres of music from Rockabilly and Surf to Metal and Modern Rock.

moosers's review

DigiTech Digiverb
The Digitech X Series DigiVerb is a digital reverb pedal designed for use with electric guitar. It has a ¼ inch input as well as two ¼ inch outputs and is powered by the power supply that is designed for it. The pedal is not rack mountable as it is a foot pedal.


Using the Digitech DigiVerb isn’t hard at all as it only has four different knobs. It has seven different modes to choose from including room, plate, hall, church, gated, reverse, and spring, which are pretty much the basic types of reverb that you expect to see on any reverb unit. It then has parameters in the form of knobs for level, EQ (tone), and decay. While this may seem somewhat limited, there is really enough tone control available because of all of the different types of modes. You don’t need the manual for the Digitech DigiVerb because of its user friendly make up, but I’ve never seen the manual and can’t speak to how thorough it is.


The sounds on the Digitech DigiVerb are sub par for the most in my opinion. While I like a few of the modes, namely the plate and reverse settings, I find that most of the sounds I get with this come off too tinny and digital sounding for my taste. This being said, the sounds are usable and while they aren’t always professional sounding this pedal is perfect for the player who wants to get into using reverb and wants to figure out what types of reverb suit their sound and style the best.


I’ve been using the Digitech DigiVerb for about two years and I can’t say that I really recommend it to anyone other than beginners. While the sound quality isn’t terrible, it isn’t professional by any stretch and I don’t believe this pedal is suitable for recording or any type because of this. I would recommend it to those new with reverb effects who wants to get a cheap reverb pedal to try out different types. The price of the Digitech DigiVerb makes it a viable option for beginners and I believe that is the realm where this pedal belongs.
MGR/Philip Wind03/30/2004

MGR/Philip Wind's review"Digitech X-Series Digiverb"

DigiTech Digiverb
I bought this unite through ebay for the hopes I cound get a cathedral like sound from it i got lucky and paid $71.

It gave me hope that my sound can be a wide as i want and not loose its punch i love this pedal and it is great with distortion or with reverb

No AC ADAPTOR but I bought a godlyke adaptor and can now power my whole pedal board with 1 adaptor.

TANK, FORTRESS, BRICK WALL. this think will last an eternity

If you want to widden you sound and help your distortion buy it I love it

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blackhorse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech Digiverb
Reverb simple and effective.
An output jack for amplifier and a second available for the effect in stereo.
Effective tone control that affects the sound of the reverb.
The volume controls the dosage of the direct sound or reverberation, by going up
we get only the sound of the reverb.
Cabinet emulation possible! stereo and more!


No problems on that!


Church modes, and Reverse Gate are a bit unnecessary in my opinion!
if the others are very good.
Room mode may be a bit short even by placing the maximum Decay.
The Spring is very nice.


Good product, simple and effective option in many "fine tune" the sound of the reverb
with the settings of Tone, and Volume Decay.
Emulation of realistic baffle as in other Digitech in this series, a real plus
for the reverb because it is not common.

In short, a very nice reverb, very thorough and not too expensive! 82 euros in my case.

gentillom's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech Digiverb
PDAL numrique mulant rverb 7 types of room, flat, hall, church, gated, reverse and spring. Possibility of a direct connection to the formulation of sound grae baffle. Stereo output.


Not useful complications. We choose the appropriate mode of reverb, then adjusted the volume, tone and length / depth (decay) of the effect. You need to have support by franc against the pedals to fully enables or disables the effect.
As numrique there is no breath, no Buzz. It is better to use an external power supply.


The reverbs are ralistes and enjoyable. I mainly use the method that reproduces the spring reverb amp fender stylte with the "boing" of spring or the way I play room like in my bathroom. In fact I bought this for my little amp reverb Novanex private ARER for a little more sound and that digiverb is doing wonderfully. Branch of a sound is good too. A friend tried it in an effects loop for a mixer and a silent trs meets for singing.


I use it for over a year. This is my PDAL Premire of rverb and I've never tried other set from rverb amp reproduced it perfectly. For the price quality ratio, no IDE, I bought used. Digitech As part of the company for its rverbs rpute Lexicon Studio is what influenced my purchase. I do not feel disappointed in my choice m'tre.

Sorbet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech Digiverb
This is a reverb that possde several modes: room, plate, hall, church, gated, reverse and spring. Pedal digital good bill that weighs its weight (quite surprising, maybe it's like a digitech on all ...)

It possde one between mono and stereo output (I tried it's really good!) Too bad she is not between stereo because after my Delay pedal in stereo also to have been able to be huge, but I use an amp therefore sufficient.


Configuration super simple, like any reverb pedal. Setting: level, eq (practical enough to get out of the overall mix when using a long reverb a little foullie as I love), decay (hard reverb)


I bought it to make big reverb (just has buckley, sigur ros ...) and I'm really happy the church modes and lobby for a! Otherwise the rest I use very little, but it sounds very good too. Sometimes I play with a + delay and frankly its hard, as hard as I adore.


I use it for 4 months and I am delighted!
There is an amp simulation over come most of the Digitech but I have not liked that.
I bought Thomann report quality unbeatable price, I hesitated with rv-5 bosses (too chre) and marshall reflector but I never saw them trying. The Digiverb very well for me but if I could compare maybe I would change? Not on ... I put 9 for simulating really unusable amp (well I did not buy is to either).