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Reverbs for Guitar user reviews

  • Rainger FX Reverb-X

    Rainger FX Reverb-X - "Plenty of features in a micro-sized pedal" has images


    SOUND: The Reverb-X by Rainger FX is is very basic in terms of the reverb ‘sound,’ as well as being clear and obvious (certainly not muddy). Some reverbs can be too much and necessitate a clean guitar signal – otherwise, the tone gets lost. Reverb…

  • Shift Line Astronaut V.2

    Shift Line Astronaut V.2 - "Astronaut A+ is a Deep Space Exploring Reverb"


    SOUND: I’m a sucker for ambient type music and pedals that help to produce that genre of music. The three major types of such pedals are modulation, delay and, of course, reverb. The Astronaut A+ (version 2) primarily is a reverb pedal, but the de…

  • Neunaber Technology Seraphim Mono Shimmer

    Neunaber Technology Seraphim Mono Shimmer - "A superb shimmer effect !!"


    I was convinced by the demo videos on Youtube and decided to buy it. I was lucky to find one in a shop so I could try it beforehand. I’ve used it with an Epiphone LP with Seymour Duncan humbuckers, and a pedalboard with 90% true-bypass, analog effect…

  • EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath

    EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath - "From misty Moria !"


    1.Description: A pedal made in the USA (Ohio), analog-made but producing a rather digital-sounding effect - not a 1960s-type analog effect for surf music, old-school rock, it's clearly not its thing. It's better suited for 90s rock, post rock, met…

  • TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb

    TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb - "Small Box With Big Reverb Choices"


    There are three things I look for in a pedal, besides the sound it makes, and they are: size, flexibility, and simple controls. The Hall of Fame Reverb by TC Electronic has checks by all those boxes, and it sounds really good, too. It is housed …

  • Neunaber Technology Wet Stereo Reverb V1

    Neunaber Technology Wet Stereo Reverb V1 - "Inspiring."


    Overview Simple. Elegant. Amazing. These words do not even begin to describe my love for this pedal. I love it even more than I thought I would love it when I first bought it. Let me be clear; I almost never buy gear for full price unless I bel…

  • Rocktron Cyborg Reverb

    Rocktron Cyborg Reverb - "A bit overpriced and untweakable"


    The Rocktron Cyborg Reverb is one of the few pedals that Rocktron makes in their "Cyborg" line, which is a little unusual, to say the least. The pedal features 8 digital algorithmic reverbs, 8 preset spots, and it comes with Rocktron's Hush noise-red…

  • Eventide Space

    Eventide Space - "A ridiculously powerful guitar reverb"


    The Eventide Space is a reverb effects stomp box that has more features and capabilities than you can possibly imagine! Loaded with 12 reverb algorithms, including the famed BlackHole reverb, standards like Plate and Hall, and with oddities such as R…

  • Electro-Harmonix Cathedral

    Electro-Harmonix Cathedral - "Features galore"


    24-bit A/D/A converters True stereo inputs and outputs 8 programmable reverb styles with the ability to load and save Tap Tempo to set pre-delay section Damping/Tone control available for each reverb mode Grail Spring, Ac…

  • Boss FRV-1 '63 Fender Reverb

    Boss FRV-1 '63 Fender Reverb - nickname009's review


    A classic reborn — the legendary sound of the 1963 Fender® Spring Reverb returns as a modern stompbox. BOSS and Fender® USA have collaborated to create the FRV-1, a stunning recreation of the legendary ’63 Fender® Reverb via COSM technology. The FRV-…