TC Electronic Drip Spring Reverb
TC Electronic Drip Spring Reverb

Drip Spring Reverb, Reverb for Guitar from TC Electronic.

Rick Gross 01/05/2020

TC Electronic Drip Spring Reverb : Rick Gross's user review

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Value For Money : Poor Audience: Beginners
I purchased this pedal used..the seller said he only used it does look like has good response but a major flaw with it,,which for me makes it unusable is,,the drop in volume,,when it is's like going from 5 down to 2...yep,,it's very noticeable..playing through my marshall M G 100 FDX...and a sixty three fender strat...but for twenty will be good for parts..and it does work..I would not recommend this unit..not worth what I payed...and they want twice + what I payed..