DigiTech Digiverb
DigiTech Digiverb

Digiverb, Reverb for Guitar from DigiTech in the X series.

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Sorbet 03/10/2007

DigiTech Digiverb : Sorbet's user review


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This is a reverb that possde several modes: room, plate, hall, church, gated, reverse and spring. Pedal digital good bill that weighs its weight (quite surprising, maybe it's like a digitech on all ...)

It possde one between mono and stereo output (I tried it's really good!) Too bad she is not between stereo because after my Delay pedal in stereo also to have been able to be huge, but I use an amp therefore sufficient.


Configuration super simple, like any reverb pedal. Setting: level, eq (practical enough to get out of the overall mix when using a long reverb a little foullie as I love), decay (hard reverb)


I bought it to make big reverb (just has buckley, sigur ros ...) and I'm really happy the church modes and lobby for a! Otherwise the rest I use very little, but it sounds very good too. Sometimes I play with a + delay and frankly its hard, as hard as I adore.


I use it for 4 months and I am delighted!
There is an amp simulation over come most of the Digitech but I have not liked that.
I bought Thomann report quality unbeatable price, I hesitated with rv-5 bosses (too chre) and marshall reflector but I never saw them trying. The Digiverb very well for me but if I could compare maybe I would change? Not on ... I put 9 for simulating really unusable amp (well I did not buy is to either).