DigiTech Digiverb
DigiTech Digiverb

Digiverb, Reverb for Guitar from DigiTech in the X series.

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Fireguy8402 12/23/2011

DigiTech Digiverb : Fireguy8402's user review

« Great cheap Reverb. »

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The Digitech Digiverb is a reverb pedal with a couple little special touches. The Digiverb has several different models of reverb to chose from including; Room, Plate, Hall, Church, Gated, Reverse, and Spring. Digitech uses a four knob layout that is easy to navigate. The Level knob adjusts the volume of the reverb. The EQ knob acts as a tone filter and allows you to adjust the brightness of the reverb. The Decay knob adjusts the duration of the reverb. The Mode knob allows you to switch between the different modes of reverb.


This pedal has a solid metal casing and sturdy knobs, so it appears to be pretty sturdy. I’ve had no issues with reliability after a few years of use. This pedal works great at the end of your pedal chain before the front end of the amp, or even better in my opinion in the loop of the amp. If the spaciousness of the pedal alone isn’t enough for you, Digitech includes stereo outs to allow you to spread your guitar signal between two different amps or for use with recording equipment.


The different modes really do make a difference in the tone pending on what you are going for. All of my amps have spring reverb onboard so I use this pedal for more washed out sounds found in the hall and plate settings, but the spring reverb is very close to the reverb found on my Classic 30 from Peavey. You can pull in a very natural amp sounding reverb all the way up to full on, wash out pads of lushness. No major changes in bypassed tone were noticed and all the models sound good in their own ways. Reverse and gated are the two models I have little experience with, but the others work perfect for my needs.


Overall this thing is well worth the price they ask for it new, and can be a steal on the used market. I haven’t had any reliability issues with it, and it seems to be well built. The tones coming out of this thing were only available in large rackmount units or bulky outboard reverb tanks years back, so it’s great to have them all packed into a manageable pedal form. The Digiverb is budget friendly, useful pedal for many applications and genres of music from Rockabilly and Surf to Metal and Modern Rock.