TC Electronic HOF Mini
TC Electronic HOF Mini

HOF Mini, Reverb for Guitar from TC Electronic in the TonePrint series.

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All user reviews for the TC Electronic HOF Mini

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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Editorial review
  • 12/01/13TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini Review

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    "...must be a midget's woooorld". It's probably what ABBA would've sung if they had started their career in 2013. Indeed, this year has seen the appearance of a good number of bonsai-sized and more-or-less useful pedals.

Users reviews

fatfinger's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Reverbs in pedal"

TC Electronic HOF Mini
Reverb pedal with a switch and a knob. It is really tiny and easily fits in a gig bag.
It comes with a small program that allows you to load or customize very finely reverb that you want to use. It's very fun to use!


Super simple, you switches, you dose the output level with the single knob. As desired patch is chargeable (or loaded), in principle, nothing more to do ....


Base, we already have a very nice reverb. But once you put your finger in the configuration software, hard not to take the game to make their own patches as there are possibilities ...


This is good stuff, perfectly in tune with the times, which should satisfy a lot of guitarists.

Lvz77's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Practice .."

TC Electronic HOF Mini
This is a pedal mini size as it makes more recent years within the brand.

It is fully editable via the toneprinteditor application whatsoever on pc, mac and some smartphones (iPhone only in fact) via a mini-usb cable (not supplied).

It's all digital still eats 9V 100ma.


The pedal is only to limit unnecessary, we must be aware of: a single dose of reverb. But it makes perfect sense in the trendy toneprinteditor.
You can see the site via TC palette settings proposed making it more difficult to pick up because fully customizable with the possibility of several presets that can be changed via a smartphone (iphone) pedal .


The quality is there. Like any editable sounds sonts can not blame much pedal because everything will depend on our ability to adjust.
However on some amps it can produce a slight unpleasant whistling, I doubt it is transplanted in concert or in the studio but it is reported.
The bypass is effective we feel that nothing is lost signal and the switch is very smooth and quiet.


This is a great pedal. I needed a reverb to complement the clean sound of my amp, it gives a real feeling of space, the sound does not deteriorate nor dirty (unless you want) all in a small format.
But if you do not have a pc, mac, ipad or iphone ..... I can only advise against you to take it, and likewise for the concerts you can not change reverb unless you have shares in Apple.
This is not a perfect product because it is a useless pedal as such important but if you have the adjacent technology that everyone does not have that do not want to.