Celestion G12 Century Vintage (8 Ohms)
Celestion G12 Century Vintage (8 Ohms)

G12 Century Vintage (8 Ohms), Guitar speaker from Celestion belonging to the G12 Century Vintage model.

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All user reviews for the Celestion G12 Century Vintage (8 Ohms)

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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 7 reviews )
 6 reviews86 %
 1 user review14 %
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myriam63660_en's review

Celestion G12 Century Vintage (8 Ohms)
- The century has a cutting sound: bass are not huge but very defined, mids scooped and good treble frequencies.
- until now i had two V30 in my 2x12 mésa vertical rectifier, i like the warm tone they provide, but i wanted more bite for my heavy distorsion patchs so i swaped one of the V30 for a century vintage. The century vintage sounds not as huge as the V30, but it has more clarity and definition.
- I think that a 100% century vintage cab would best match for agressive métal, with heavy gauge strings and heavylly detuned guitars.
- and last, the century vintage weights three times less than a V30.

awks's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" HP Super neodymium"

Celestion G12 Century Vintage (8 Ohms)
I had already Century Vintage and I really wanted to try THE CENTURY. I eventually found a nine remaining in stock as Celestion has stopped production (for the moment which was the same for years for the G12 Rola65 again in the range). Anyway, it's a great HP, ultra light, which is not insignificant when you carry the amps ..
peculiarities: the opposite of the upper midrange hump of the Vintage 30 and Vintage Century, the Century is an HP hot, with a very dynamic medium low, and above all a remarkable definition. What a nice surprise!
if you find any, I wish you, one for jazz, blues or warm, or if you like hard rock hot chestnuts .. it can also be associated with his brother the Century Vintage, a vintage 30, a Vintage V12-60, or a Classic Lead 80 ... and then, oh! wonder, it is wide, it's deep, burst up, it is the great outdoors ... Too bad the only Celestion longer produced (for now)

kezaco's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" I love it!"

Celestion G12 Century Vintage (8 Ohms)
I just bought two of these HP that I mounted in two 1x12 cab all plugged into a Marshall 50x50.Je found that the sound is very clear, well defined, perfectly balanced, very clean and without aggression. J ' I feel that HP have erased all the faults I have experienced so far, sounds better stand clear and saturations are thinner and very enjoyable. The value for money is very interesting to 99 euros and I'm very happy with my choice.

awks's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Celestion G12 Century Vintage (8 Ohms)
I set up four of these HP version 16ohms in teams in booths G10L35. By comparison, I have the same with G12T75 who made a bad procs often, G12M Greenback, the Vintage 60 and HOT100.
Qualities: a really nice weight for lumbar trs shimmering sound, dynamic, with lots of harmonics prcis returned.
Default: Lack may be a bit of bass? but combined with G10L35 and / or HOT100 or those good old G12T75 is trs INTERESTED. Only, I recommend a low head with decision.
I had to try three dozen HP in 20 years, I love "mumuse with sounds and sounds botes"
Bought used but in perfect state, the price is reasonable.
Exprience with, yes, I would do this choice, but of course in the IDE to make a combination with other HP or genre G10L35 Vintage 10 or G12T75 (a lot is plutt in 4 * 12) a little like the Bogner and Vintage30 G12T75.
And two years later, I shuffled also confirmed that with the Vintage 30 is a great ide

myriam63660's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Celestion G12 Century Vintage (8 Ohms)
- The century has a very sharp, with great bass but not very accurate, neutral midrange and treble strong presence without being too aggressive.

- Where the HP is extremely interesting in my opinion when complementation of V30, the V30 gives ample sound with lots of midrange and lots of bass, vintage century and give the little hair that lacks shine: the acute, a fast response to the attack, mid and low measured extremely accurate. Both HP together provide a rich, balanced sound spectrum. I note, however, that almost everything in my chain (guitar, microphones, cables, lights, amp settings and multi effects) gives a rather dull and dark in general, which made my V30 does not return enough frequencies acute, hence my need for vintage century ... According to those who have a chain of elements and settings already very acute here might twist a few ears

- I once tried a set vintage century 100% (of 16 ohms) in my 2x12 and I never do it again: just too sharp

- The century vintage is almost three times lighter than the V30, very valuable when moving his gear.

darock's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Celestion G12 Century Vintage (8 Ohms)
I use it for 5 months and I am satisfied 200%.
On the one hand, it is super light thanks to its magnet Néodium. Nice when
4 are in the same cabinet (like the roadies).

Moreover, its level and this is the most important, it is just fantastic.
The magnet Néodium gives a lot of potatoes. Transients are superb. In terms of its response, it is much cleaner and much less aggressive than G12T75 (too loud). I compare this to HP Eminence speaker in a VHT, and again there's no picture, Century Vintage is far ahead.

In his clear, it highlights the lower harmonics of the guitar with superb precision and transcribed every detail, every nuance of the game and in saturation, it is wonderful. The sound is huge, very wide, very precise while remaining very powerful. With my head Hughes & Kettner Warp X, and sheltered in my Marshall cabinet, the sound is simply gorgeous, and mostly metal.

brui2fon's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Celestion G12 Century Vintage (8 Ohms)
For 1 year 1 / 2
This HP is very light; 1Kg700 therefore great for who lugs around his gear, apart, repeated, concerts, etc ... !
against a G12T75 3Kg5 pr, pr 4K7 and a V30, you get the picture in 2 * 12 4 * 12 or ...?
its side, it sounds very clean, it recalls the sonic identity of G12T75 much-maligned, but clean
that is, the highs are biting but not garish, low net and not drooling, mediums not too pronounced, unlike the V30.
that means, it is straight, very transparent, not comparable with most HP mediums that are immediately more "hot" or "vintage"
saturated in it sounds great with any amp ...
it feels a Century Vintage HP ideal for styles quite varied but I think it will be most at ease in a register rock, hard rock or metal, the type compresssion, marshall plexi ... c very high gain in net ausis (tested with a head Brunetti) even if it is has any style I play blues, reggae, etc ... concerts and recordings are very clean
... and oddly, with my old fender siverface, it gives a side that veers more towards the Vox ...
I tried G12T75, are G12-65, an eminence V12, V30 and, as lots of other combos on various ...
the HP celestion have a specific grain is the sound of Rock ...
I will not repeat the HP because it does not match the sound I search