Celestion Vintage 30
Celestion Vintage 30

Vintage 30, Guitar speaker from Celestion in the Classic series.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Celestion Vintage 30

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Average Score:3.5( 3.5/5 based on 20 reviews )
 7 reviews35 %
 4 reviews20 %
 2 reviews10 %
 3 reviews15 %
 3 reviews15 %
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nickname009's review

Celestion Vintage 30
My first experience with these speakers was in 2007. Since then they've been in a lot of amps and have become the industry standard speaker for high gain applications. And I can see why! It's a great sounding speaker with a specific midrange character to it that a lot of metal or high gain players can work with. However, there is some fizziness to it in the high mids and trebles that I sometimes HATE, but that's also the same character that adds to that midrange making the speaker so unique on it's own and thus famous! I have to say that it has generally been good sounding through almost any type of cab, whether it be 412s or 212s or even single 112 cabs. The V30 is sort of like the SM57 of guitar speakers. They've become the standard sound and it's not necessarily a good or bad sound but definitely a workable sound.

In terms of headroom I have to admit there isn't much. Cleans are good but can lead to break up quite early depending on how it's used. This is of course what is known to help with the high gain applications, it breaks up earlier, which generally equals better for metal etc. More distortion is always better, apparently. It is generally a darker sounding speaker in comparison to other standard celestions for eg the G12T-75. Not REALLy dark but darker. And if paired with the right cab can sound great. I have found however that these speakers don't sound good to me, with the oversized mesa cabs. It's way too dark and actually sound too thick and muddy, notes become indistinguishable and the low end is all over the place, while the highs are generally fizzy. It could just be the character of the mesa cab itself too, I haven't had much luck with the oversized ones..

But in general this speaker is decent and has become the industry standard rock/metal high gain speaker. Definitely can sound good, but maybe not the most versatile.

peet0499's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" hp interesting, but ..."

Celestion Vintage 30
This is particulary hp for my part, I explained m

I had bought the put it in a fender hot rod deluxe (version 3) has a Celestion hp of origin but not great, I wanted a good rock sound (with good pedal hot rod rings of hell yes I will yes guaranteed;) ) and saw that it is in 3/4 hp amps mounted to I originally got interested in telling me that the engineers know all the same that they are ...

and then after being informed listened SEVERAL video on youtube etc, the sound m not interested badly and I bought ... after installation, clean is good I find asser rich character with an air of deja heard since good number of great guitar playing with or have played with ... so very pleasant to clean, but once the distortion engaged and I've tried several (various pedals) with the several guitars c was the horror of acute exploding ears really has to hurt ... so ... very very disappointed not to play with AC and not want to finish with a sound like running for at least 50 hours!

I have it replaced by a wizzard eminence red coat and there it was the day and night!) (ca sent) I will not talk about this one, but in my hot rod is there for 3 years and I tale not change ...

there is little I decided to go on a 4x12 ... playing well punchy rock demange ca me from longemp :)

my choice is on a blackstar ht club 50 head, very happy with this purchase, but the 4x12 of the same brand is not me they are trying Celestion seventy 80 hp good and I wanted something beefier ...

after some testing and research my choice of a 4x12 cab that provides a classic (ie not me that my ears are choosing :) ) a Marshall 1960b with 4 G12T75 made in uk please, I like the sound directly, but after some rehearsals and concerts he missed me a pti some things ... the G12T75 is very good but a little smoother and it said there asser dark I go into detail because the sound is very good,

I'd already read that the couple v30 G12T75 Was asser magic, ok even if it wasn t good in one cabinet and an open amp (hot rod for example :) ) I decided to test v30 with 2 x 2 G12T75 therefore (according to advices of Celestion mail;) ) in my marshall 1960

and here I must say that ca n have nothing to do with the sound that I had with the v30 in my hot rod ... I had a distortion pedal black star so very similar to my blackstar head to compare c is not bad because strong Similarly, since the distortion of the hot rod is rotten

now in this config the sound is fuller with that 4g12t75, clear sound as distortion, c is richer, melodious, we say that there are frequencies in all directions, c is more alive, c is powerful with assé of vintage bass tight and not at all the way it should not be proud to have his name ca, I really like ...

So to sum up a little after this romant, the v30 is not a set hp in most amps and cab for nothing c is on, but it should in my opinion, it is personal, knowing that it can be very hateful in some amp with some very good config and config in else, maybe it does give his best even mixed in with other hp and can be given t he best in cab and amp fermé..certainement of BTW in my opinion

anyway maintenat the config with the v30 I really like and now I am really pleased to see after running because apparently it needs a lot of hours of play ... but now the garish side is not aggressive to the ears. No ..I have not tried a full cab v30 for comparing m but may not matter because I love the evil G12T75 with v30 and I think his stuff pti who are waiting just missed :)
a really effective couple ...

I have not said with what guitars I tried all this because the characteristics are similar each time but ... jle said anyway :)

telecaster with us (with dual Seymour Duncan jb in the bridge) a fender with double seymour duncan alternative 8 Chavalet and custom fender fat 50 middle and neck, gibson sg junior and p90 ...

in the end I put 8 because my experience was a little ca all or nothing, but in the end very happy ... strongly depends on the gear so ...

brui2fon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Celestion Vintage 30
One of the most famous among HP celestion
Contrary to its name, it is not vintage and does not 30w
his sound is quite modern type, even if he may agree with the sounds of older amps, and it's 60w
this HP is appreciated for its low-delivered, its high gloss and medium granular
LA, CA will depend on the amp that you put it and the sound you wish to reproduce
I, for example, I have a carvin head, and clear AC blends very very well for a modern sound
and the saturation, according to my pedals, I prefer HP differnetw
Ibanez TK999 with HT, the V30 has wonderful sound, c is modern, there is gain and grain, although low husky, AC bites, harmonics out easily
al reverse on HP G12-65, more vintage and old rock, this pedal does not sound
and with another pedal, Abunai 2, c is the reverse, it s better with the G12-65, but the V30 is very accurate even with kan

c is like after all c is a matter of taste


brui2fon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Celestion Vintage 30
the one of the most reputs hp at Celestion
unlike SnoN name, it is n APs and is not vintage 30w
its sound is rather typ modern, even if he may agree with sounds oldest amp, and it makes 60w
indulge with this HP is low for its pronounced
la, ca will functionof the amp that you put it and the sound you want to play
I, for example, I have a carvin head, and light ca marries very very good for a modern sound
and the saturation, according to my pedals, I prefer HP differnetw
with an Ibanez TK999 HT, the V30 sound wonderfully, c is modern, there is gain and grain, brawny low ca bites, harmonics come out easily
al Conversely, D HP G12-65, plus vintage and old rock, this pedal does not sound
and with another pedal, Abunai 2, c is the opposite, it's better with G12-65, but the V30 are very correct even with kan

after c c is like everything is a matter of taste