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Behringer Tuners/Pitch Pipes/Tuning Forks user reviews

  • Behringer Chromatic Tuner TU300

    Behringer Chromatic Tuner TU300 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by psychofanfan/translated from Audiofanzine FR) The low E string is hardly recognized and I have to hit the string really hard in order for it to be detected by the tuner. It's a really lousy pedal!…

  • Behringer Racktuner BTR2000

    Behringer Racktuner BTR2000 - pdecirce's review


    Behringer is well known for good looking products that are affordable and usable; this rack tuner is no exception. Featuring a stylish led design and a super lightweight construction (yet durable), this is a fine product for its price. It is also …

  • Behringer Racktuner BTR2000

    Behringer Racktuner BTR2000 - "Behringer RACKTUNER BTR2000"


    I have been a bassist for over 22 yrs. I currently am playing with PHOENIXX from Amarillo, TX, I have recorded and toured extensively with Hacienda Records Artist "Algo Simple", recorded and toured with Grandma Gerber Records Artist "The Carmen Espin…

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