Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah
Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah

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iamqman's review"Fantatsic"

Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah
After many hours researching and demoing wahs I finally settled on the Fullton Clyde Deluxe and haven't looked back since. This in my opinion is the best wah pedal on the market. The wah radius is so smooth and articulate that it makes using this thing a joy.

I needed one with a light or and LED so I knew when it was on because so many times I have played with wahs in the middle of a gig and didn't know if I clicked if off because sometimes those clickers can be quite finicky. Unlike the regular Fulltone Clyde this one along with the modes has a light to let you know.

Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah Guitar Effects Pedal Features:

* 10-step Variable Input Level Control
* True-Bypass with bright side-viewable low current Pilot light status indicator
* 3 selectable modes: Wacked, Jimi, and Shaft


Pretty simple to use like any wah...step on it and move your foot up and down. It sounds so good in front of an overdriven amp. The knobs are quite simple...it has the three modes which really sound different from each other and then it has the input level control. I use it pretty sparingly like most people do and haven't had any problems so far with the string breaking or it getting corroded.


The sound quality is supurb! I pretty much stay on the Jimi setting since that one in my opinion is more geared for rock music which I play. The wacked mode is cool for some interesting wah sounds. Not that usable in a most music in my experience. The shaft is cool for that 70's funk vibe. It really comes as close as you're going to get to that sound. It is fun to play around with the options.

I run mine with all kinds of set ups and rigs. Right now I am using it with a Splawn Quickrod, a Les Paul, and a vintage Marshall 4x12 with Blackback Celestion speakers. I have some effects too but not worth mentioning for this review. I think it has a more natural sound than a Crybaby or Vox wah.

Try it with a Strat and set it on the shaft mode to get some fun funk sounds that makes everyone turn and look when you click it on.


This is a great pedal. It is a little expensive but it is worth the money to get a wah that sounds this natural. This one is price around $245 nowadays. Not a bad pick up to add to your pedal board. I actually own two of these units. One I keep with one rig and I have the other for my home rig.

I would recommend this wah for any guitar player in need of one. It really is a supurb unit that will give you three distinct voicings. Great for recording too which I have had the experience of using.

mmolteratx's review"Killer versatility that sounds great"

Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah
The Clyde Deluxe isn't as precisely tweakable as some other wahs, though it's mode switch and level control provide adequate control for nearly every situation. The LED indicator is great and much appreciated.
The circuit is a classic inductor design that builds on the classic Vox 'Clyde McCoy' design. Unlike the vintage original however, it has a switch to select between the classic Vox circuit, a Maestro Boomerang circuit and a Colorsound wah circuit. All are very good approximations of the vintage equivalent.
The level control lets you dial in unity gain with any guitar/amp combo. Never again will you have an unnecessary boost or cut when playing live.
The pedal is all analog and features true bypass along with a shielded inductor for low noise.
There is also an internal trimmer that can be turned to change the bass response. Very nice for tuning it for your individual situation while keeping the overall tone.
The casing is custom made for Fulltone and enables a wider sweep.


Set up is easy. You have the choice of battery or power supply operation and then it's plug and play.
Selecting your mode is very easy. Just rotate the switch to the position you choose, there are markers on the side to indicate which you've chosen. The manual explains the basic tone of each position.
The volume is there so you can have unity gain or a boost if you so choose. Getting the right volume is very easy, just turn the knob until it sounds right.
The switch is a bit difficult to hit but if you're standing up and can put some pressure on it shouldn't be a problem.
The manual is great and lists contact info for Fulltone and warranty information in addition to basic operation instructions.


I use my Strats with both single coils and humbuckers into the Fulltone into a THD Flexi 50. Vintage wah tones come very easily.
The Jimi mode sounds just like a vintage Vox Clyde McCoy wah. The sweep is quacky without being too abrupt, the high end is prominent but smooth and the lows aren't overbearing. Great with cleans and light to moderate distortion. Absolutely love it, though I find my Teese RMC3 did the sounds just a bit better.
The Wacked mode sounds a lot like an old Colorsound wah but isn't perfect. It's actually a bit better than the Colorsound for my needs. The low end is a bit less prominent than it's vintage counterpart which is great, as I find the genuine article to have too much low end content that turns into mud with a bit of distortion. I tend to use the Wacked mode when I want a more modern sound when using high gain.
The Shaft mode nails the Boomerang quack. Porno sounds abound. It can be a bit ice picky if you're not careful with your amp settings though. It doesn't sound very good with distortion for this reason. If you play funk, this is really the only sound you'll ever need though.
I probably use the Jimi mode the most as it's the most versatile. Though with the modes on an easily accessible switch, I go back and forth quite a bit.


My favorite feature is the mode switch. It lets me get pretty much any tone I need for most situations I'm in and sounds great while doing it.
I really don't have any complaints about it, though I do find my Teese RMC3 to sound a bit sweeter when going for the same tones. The price is reasonable and the build quality is great. I can't fault it at all.
I've tried/owned many other high end wahs before this one and it hangs with the best of them. It sounds consistently great and I don't have problems with it all of a sudden sounding nasty. It likes the vast majority of amps I've tried it with as well.
I'd probably pick up a Castledine wah instead just to see what it's about knowing what I know now. My RMC3 does the same tones in a slightly smaller package and I feel it does everything a bit better as well. The Clyde Deluxe is a great choice if that's not available though.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah
Derrire Fulltone is one man: Michael Fuller. Fuller pedals offer high-end, hand mills in the United States and whose inspiration is rsolument vintage (almost like all the pedals "shop" elsewhere. Guitarists are conservative. ..).

- Hand manufactured in the United States
- Fully analog
- Rocking crmaillre
- Switch mcanique
- True, true-bypass (in French, a real true bypass, that we should prciser incredible!)
- Tmoin light activation
- Volume / boost notched 10 not
- 3 modes: wacked, shaft and Jimi
- Internal trim pot controls the Q-factor (intensity of effect)
- Powered by 9V battery or mains

The center of the BTE, a self-inductance Fulltone trs sign near the Vox Clyde McCoy's original 1967.

The quality of construction and finish is irrprochable. A strong smelling PDAL crafts (each is numrote pedals by hand).
Mine is black finish, but outside of the color, the picture is exactly the top.


Operation is simple.
2 slecteurs external:
- The volume / boost in notches 10, thereby "mmoriser" his favorite position.
- The three modes which are in fact the beach sweeps frequency drives: low mdiums for "wacked" mdiums for "Jimi" and high-mdiums for "shaft".
The scale is sensitive prcise and progressive.
The switch is calibrated.

Lowlight: the internal trim pot controls the Q-factor, yet convenient to qualify the wah. Must disassemble the plate in order to infrieure accder. This is a bad habit trsrpandue Wahs in high-end. It is practical and anti-agaant.
Personally, I drilled an opening in order to Dremel accder without disassemble the pedals. Note that here the plate is particulirement Paisse!


It is here that the pedals shine. We suspected.
Mode "Jimi" Hendrix REFERENCE Obviously made and the sound of the Vox Clyde McCoy, a true-bypass and more. Well rounded, nice heat. The sweep is sweet and sounds were always of the body and DEFINITIONS.
Mode "wacked" is more centered on low mdiums. Ideal for 7-string or bass. The bass are still good and never Dfine deafening.
Mode "shaft" is REFERENCE ... Shaft, HROS SERIES and movies of the 70s'. Made for the funk, so. Here are slammin acute but never garish.

The boost is transparent.
Q-factor module provides a nice overall versatility, NUANS an effect that can sometimes be too spectacular. Too bad it's so difficult to access.


No doubt, a high-wah range. Quality manufacturing, solid versatility, beauty of sound.

Personally I have no concern for reliability until now, but I take care of my pedals trs, especially with the dusts.
A CHRE pedals, but at the cost justification.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah
Wah analogue modes 3 and SETTING THE boost. Trim-pot internal rgler low and gain if necessary
Connection In / out, and between 9V internal battery or

Peru nice quality, heavy pedals and stable trsrsistante beautiful painting.


Trs simple to use, the wah is switched with one foot like a Dunlop Classic. The 3modes and will boost the buttons rglent Chickenhead latraux.
The race is good, quite long, between Dunlop and Morley. His Resistors is adjustable.
The manual is succinct as always with Fulltone. A default represents an ugly "plop" is heard when changing mode. No class and no fun for HP


I bought this wah, instead of the RMC Wizard I target beginners for its sweeping low and medium low very runny.
Good news, a "wacked" the fact at least as well. With Gibson in a Marshall, but it is bestial trs musical, the frequencies and harmonics are apparent. Prfr my way that I could more on the pedals.
The way the mule Jimi Clyde McCoy, as the Fulltone Clyde or RMC Picture Wah. Trs good musicality too, even if this type of wah more acute for me at least, the fact of having foot gate can vary the colors.
By the way against shaft is dcevant, trs sour, even for casseroles funky. Re fun to make rigor arpges psyche, but the use is limited. A dispensable mode.


I have recently, but I can confirm that the quality which Fulltone me habituation to appointment, at least the sound.

Qq BMOL: I'm a little dcu by indoor finishes, the quality of the 3PDT switch and small dtails as the surface of the pedals, which is a "vulgar plastic" and groove not the coating anti-draping of the picture (as on the Ernie Ball volume pedals). Also, the diode is a simple red LED in a black clip, not the pretty night as in the photo or the OCD.
I feel that rduction of cots is home NEWS Fulltone. Too bad the final price does not go down ..

outiniLive's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah
This is a wah-wah pedals trs pretty solid, Submitted DIFFERENT three filters and a gain knob 10 clicks lgrement saturating the thing when screwed to the max. It's handmade, analog.
I do not note here, you will understand later why.


We can not be simpler to use. Pressed, has ooaa, uuuaa, or IIIA according to the filter (INTERPRETATION sound totally subjective)
The manual is in English and comprhensible dtaillle the price of components, just to justify the price of the BTE.


The quality is fabulous effects. The curve of each filter is progressive and the best kind. I use a cable with a strat Peavey Classic 30 ... Everything went well ... initially.


And is the drama. I used it thrice. The switch me lch. No rassort o l a month I bought it (must say it is not easy to find), and Fulltone does not seem DCID m'expdier a switch replacement, which could be a reasonable solution given the price of it (377 euros, was a bit expensive three shots wah).
I tried a wah pellets before it. its sound quality is irrprochable, but its reliability ... I prefer not to Retailer more I think on this. It will be unzro point for a simple reason: Fulltone is a prestigious brand, the bard of Clyde is super expensive and components carefully selected (the guy Mike has stopped production of its lack of germanium fuzz of fairly good quality), but it has a switch made in al ptaouchnok. I'll get a refund illico for fear of a recurrence scne.