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Akai Professional Guitars user reviews

  • Akai Professional Variwah W1

    Akai Professional Variwah W1 - Cdt. Marcos's review


    Wah is a digital effects made up of 5: 4 auto wah wah and a conventional. It operates on battery or adapter (9 V). An input jack 6.5, a mono output jack 6.5. UTILIZATION It is easy to use, the settings are very intuitive and complete. The possibi…

  • Akai Professional G-Drive D2G

    Akai Professional G-Drive D2G - PeeWhy's review


    Analogue distortion pedals brand Akai (I did not know was that this brand of pedals for guitar and bass pedals before buying this). Heavy duty construction (much better than the Big Muff which seems lgre tle). A PDAL unbreakable. 2 potentiomtre…

  • Akai Professional Head Rush E2

    Akai Professional Head Rush E2 - mortished's review


    - Delay / tape echo / loop recorder - 1 input / output mix 1 / 4 outputs for tape echo indpendantes - 2 6 knobs and footswitch to control the bte's simple and relatively efficient UTILIZATION The operation could not be simpler with respect to…

  • Akai Professional Head Rush

    Akai Professional Head Rush - pumuckl's review


    Nothing to add, the others have said my place ... if I find good is the existence of a filter on the signal rinject ... UTILIZATION The I want to emphasize that this machine seems to me far more than the RC20 prcise home boss. When the brain h…

  • Akai Professional Head Rush

    Akai Professional Head Rush - CotesDarmor's review


    Detailed see a little further, it's a digital pedal, different knobs trimmings: HP Damp (amplitude, reverberation), FeedBack (repetitions), Time Coarse (trimming the time delay, Fine Time (same but more refined), Ratio, Gap. The case is strong tha…