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Audio & music gear user reviews

  • Boss Katana-50

    Boss Katana-50 - "Small Katana amp offers offers great value for money."


    I first bought this Katana 50, then a few days after I returned it to get the Katana 100 instead as I had regrets. I’ve used the Katana 100 as my regular working amp for 6 months now, and I’ll also mention that I own two other amps besides it: a Fend...

  • Marshall DSL401

    Marshall DSL401 - "Full Marshall Sound. "


    I traded a Fender Bass Amp for this. The bass amp had a value of $400. Since I never played the bass, I believe I came out on top. This amp is awesome. And every one of my friends that hear it can't believe the full marshall sound that comes out ...

  • TC Electronic Flashback x4

    TC Electronic Flashback x4 - "Wide Range of Settings + Looper" has images


    SOUND: TC Electronic’s Flashback X4 is a combo pedal, offering a wide array of delay types with a looper and as demonstrated in the YouTube video below: TC Electronic is known for it...

  • Sommer Cable ORBIT 225

    Sommer Cable ORBIT 225 - "Cabo ótimo para modelar o som "quebra as arestas" "


    Conectar: conectar amplificador-colunas Sim usei "Supra"! Prós:amacia o som sem que perca o brilho das frequências :-D Construção: 2 condutores gémios Características mecanicas:- AWG 13 Ecção: 2.5mm2 com ótima maleabilidade Bom isolamento em PV...

  • Black Arts Toneworks Skyboost

    Black Arts Toneworks Skyboost - "Increase Note Definition and Harmonics with Any Amp or Pedal" has images


    SOUND: The YouTube video below demonstrates the SKYBOOST, a boost/overdrive/fuzz combination pedal with true bypass switching: Offering different capabilities with any modern genre o...

  • Shine SBA-526 TBK

    Shine SBA-526 TBK - "My favourite bass (and I have 8!)" has images


    I came across this model some 14 years ago when writing for a U.K. instrument magazine. I fell in love with the Shine range and currently have 6 Shine basses (five of them 6 stringers) out of my 8 total. I bought this model new in 2004 and it's becom...

  • Akai MPC X

    Akai MPC X - "A great device!"


    Hi all, I see no review has been published for this product so far, so I’ll shoot first. As an introduction, I'll start by stating that I’ve owned almost each and every MPC model ever released, the good ones (60, 3000…) and the not-so-good ones...

  • Sire Marcus Miller V7 4ST (Alder)

    Sire Marcus Miller V7 4ST (Alder) - "Exactly what I was looking for!"


    Hi, being a beginning bass player, please consider this review as mostly suited to beginners like me. After I bought a used Mexican Fender Jazz Bass, I spent quite a lot of time setting it up and finding the right settings for the way I like to pl...

  • Deep Space Devices Golem

    Deep Space Devices Golem - "From Subtle Drive to Thunderous Fuzz" has images


    SOUND: There is a wide variety of tonal possibilities with DeepSpace Device’s GOLEM, from barely audible change to a clean signal to a thunderous crunch, as demonstrated in this video: ...

  • Mission Engineering Expressionator

    Mission Engineering Expressionator - "One Expression Pedal to Control Three Expressions" has images


    SOUND: The Expressionator controls the nature of the sound of other pedals by way of an expression pedal into the Expressionator and then into three expression inputs (that could mean three different pedals, or a pedal with two expression inputs and...