Blueridge Guitars user reviews

  • Blueridge BG40

    Blueridge BG40 - lapomme's review


    Amricaine guitar brand made in China. All solid wood. In fact, this guitar is (at least in terms of form), an imitation of Gibson J45 (some say it sounds as good ....)! 19 frets, the neck is attached to the box at the 14ME (well enough I think …

  • Blueridge BR-1MS

    Blueridge BR-1MS - peuimporte2's review


    Guitar made in China Distributed by Saga Musical Instruments USA, bought in the U.S. in 1997 in a music store in Milwaukee. Dreadnought type. Mahogany back and sides, mahogany neck. Indian Rosewood fingerboard ie Acacia Indian 'I think. The front…

  • Blueridge BR63

    Blueridge BR63 - magmat's review


    Guitar format 000 Case: AA Solid Sitka Spruce Back / sides: Rosewood Bridge and Fingerboard: East Indian Rosewood Finish: Gloss Mechanical vintage (no cover) Made in China Saga. Copy of the Martin 000, for more details: http://www.sagam…

  • Blueridge BR160

    Blueridge BR160 - jegere's review


    • Solid spruce • Back & Sides Solid Indian Rosewood • Fillet of marquetry in the back • bone nut • Decoration head "" "" Mother-Of-Pearl "" "" • Mechanical individual Kluson type This guitar is made in China .... If made in the USA (it is…

  • Blueridge BR-180

    Blueridge BR-180 - filippe's review


    This is the br the 180, new electroacoustic MODEL cutaway made in China and copy of the d45v martin quiped a fishman prefix pramp more touches and bridge b no, stick close to martins trs. Utiliss woods are beautiful,: table Sitka, back and sides Indi…

  • Blueridge BR163

    Blueridge BR163 - naturel's review


    Made in the United States, but no, I joke. This guitar is made in China by a San Francisco trademark US table (Saga) very well known for the guitar "Gypsy" Gypsy form (signature SERIES Jurgenson and others). It is a size close to a Martin 000 0028. I…

  • Blueridge BG40

    Blueridge BG40 - PHil Martins's review


    China I do not know if I tried the model 60 or 40, but it is a perfect copy of the Gibson J-45. Just the head was a little too flashy for my taste ... UTILIZATION Round top, not too heavy nor too light, class! SOUNDS I compared it to a …

  • Blueridge BR73

    Blueridge BR73 - ventilo's review


    As it says Schuster, copy of Martin, there's just the head that is specific Blueridge, small and inlaid with too cool UTILIZATION It is extra at extra! PSE and I my words. FCH J'tais more or less with the folks from a noname unplayable me botched…

  • Blueridge BR73

    Blueridge BR73 - schuster's review


    Made in china. This is the exact copy of the triple O 73 at Martin UTILIZATION I RPET: it is an exact copy of the Martin 73 style so with "pre-war". Only the head is "original" and smaller. The handle is not a box of course but the one usuall…