Blueridge user reviews

  • Blueridge BR 70 CE

    Blueridge BR 70 CE - "Blueridge BR-70"


    the color is dirty blond top and gorgeous back and sides. the detail is awesome. I play gospel bluegrass and blues and they all sound great coming from this guitar, I play rythm and the blue grassers really like it I purchased this guitar from 8th s…

  • Blueridge BR60

    Blueridge BR60 - moosers's review


    The Blueridge BR60 is a dreadnought style, steel string acoustic guitar. I don't own this guitar and haven't used it in the studio - I've only used it to try it out and to practice a bit with it. I believe that all of the Blueridge guitars are made…

  • Blueridge BR73

    Blueridge BR73 - moosers's review


    The Blueridge BR73 is a dreadnought style acoustic guitar, boasting a slightly slimmer than average body. It isn't an acoustic/electric, so it doesn't have any pick ups or setting controls, but this isn't a bother to me as I used it just for practic…

  • Blueridge BG40

    Blueridge BG40 - moosers's review


    The Blueridge BG40 is an acoustic guitar made in China. Until recently I was not familiar with Blueridge, but after playing a number of their models, I'm glad that I now know about them. Don't let the fact that this guitar was made in China fool yo…

  • Blueridge BR60

    Blueridge BR60 - "Blueridge BR-60"


    I received this guitar as a gift from my parents. They got this guitar at Valley Music in Maumee, Ohio. They paid around $450 The action is perfect, making this guitar easy to play. The guitar has an extremely fast fret-board for an acoustic guit…

  • Blueridge BR 70 CE

    Blueridge BR 70 CE - "Blueridge BR70"

    04/08/04 $449 with case and free shipping. Really nice, rich sound, great design detail, and the price. Fast neck. Not a lot. Rosewood backs, sides, and a full D-41 style, abalone trim... Sitka Spruce top with hand…

  • Blueridge BR-180

    Blueridge BR-180 - "Blueridge BR180"

    04/01/04 second guitar $849 with case, free shipping Gorgeous looks, nice details like Abalone position markers, Mother-of-pearl and abalone design on peghead. Great feel and sound. Not much, this guitar is becoming …

  • Blueridge BR160

    Blueridge BR160 - "Blueridge BR160"

    02/20/04 $499 with case The craftsmanship, choice of materials, and setup. Price Sound neck a bit too shallow Solid spruce top, solid Indian rosewood back and sides, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, scalloped braces, dovetail…

  • Blueridge BR 70 CE

    Blueridge BR 70 CE - "Blueridge BR70"


    I bought it from Maury`s Music ,it was an online purchase from Maury`s website.It was $394.00 This guitar is one of the best sounding guitars I have ever played.I have owned alot of really nice acoustic guitars,a D28 Martin,Gibson J200,Taylor Dan C…

  • Blueridge BR 70 CE

    Blueridge BR 70 CE - "Blueridge BR-70"


    I recently bought a Blueridge BR-70 off the internet ($405 w/case). I bought it "Pig in a poke" based on having played a BR-160. I didn't know what the BR-70 would sound like. I bought it based on the description, picture, and the fact that I had p…