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Larenion 12/01/2010

Blueridge BR 40 CE : Larenion's user review

«  Impressive ... »

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In fact this review is on the BR 40 non pre-amplified (and not on the BR40 EC), but the model is not present on Audiofanzine!

• Top: Solid Spruce
• Back & Sides: Mahogany
• Fingerboard: Indian Rosewood
• Nut: Bone
• Decoration head "Mother-Of-Pearl"
• Tuners: Kluson type individual (Vintage)
• Finish: varnish tip-top, impeccable finish!

Polish aside, this is a very good copy of the Martin DM.


For me, the handle is perfect. Certainly, it has a rather small width, and may not be suitable for''big fingers''on the top of the handle.
The varnish has a very good slide, or even too much: the hand can hang if it has been washed and slides if you sweat.

It is a dreadnought, but the template seems to be more content than my other two Folk (Cort and Cole Clark). I think the feeling is that it has a handle end and a small head.

In summary, if not its rather slippery coating, its ergonomics are almost perfect for me. The work is original, and suits me well. As I am chipoteur (!) Anyway I'll see if we can reduce it at the''free''visit the store.


How I say .... bowled!
Bass is impressive to attack the strings. And when I say attack, I play with fingers and it's not worth pushing hard to have a remarkable showing. And the rest of the sound spectrum is no exception. The set has a beautiful clarity that I have not managed to find on guitars that are also rich in low frequencies.

I spent an hour trying it with other guitars in the store. That day, I also tried:
- A Martin DX1 (in plastoc!): Big serious, good projection, but the sound clarity is sorely lacking. It seems a bit off. And frankly, an imitation wood on the back and neck, it sucks for Martin.
- TAYLOR 314: different. More acute and serious foil calmer, less powerful. All very balanced and pleasant, but 1280 euros ...
- Yamaha I do not know what to 880 euros big stick (!) Its nice but lacked any relief on the sound spectrum from the Blueridge.
- Takamine EG511: great, but posed a serious sound, treble very bright but not excessively, I could buy it ...

I also try other Blueridge BR-180 (888 euros), BR-43 (size 000), but strangely, I did not find the honest answer and the projection of the BR40 I bought.

I think I came across a good guitar - buy online at risk I think. Looking at the spec


on the Net before my second visit I wanted to try a BR-70 (rosewood body). I thought, if such a projection mahogany on the BR-40, whereas with the rosewood!. But not available in this store.

I am fully satisfied with my purchase. Its strengths are for me:
- Undoubtedly its bass response,
- His projection is simply amazing considering the price,
- Sustain crazy (I almost forgot)
- Unlike some I've tried MARTIN (DX1 and D15), a high frequency response that is not masked by too much of this too serious.

In short, this is the guitar I was looking for and which I fell completely by chance. For my budget (max 500 euros), the seller said,''trying this and other guitars 2 or 3 times its price on the shelf. Do not blunder in the name engraved at the top of his head.'' A week later, I matured my decision and I came to buy it.
Since then, it is happiness.
I paid 65 euros more expensive than the best offers on the canvas. But you can try other guitars in the store to be sure of their choice or to avoid getting a wrong number, it will pay too. And it's not a price to pay to avoid disappointment!