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naturel 04/18/2006

Blueridge BR163 : naturel's user review


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Made in the United States, but no, I joke. This guitar is made in China by a San Francisco trademark US table (Saga) very well known for the guitar "Gypsy" Gypsy form (signature SERIES Jurgenson and others). It is a size close to a Martin 000 0028. It has 14 frets non-cash. The table is picea SELECTING massive wicker covers the bottom and select Indian Rosewood. The color table is "vintage" and type of installation and dam X is called "prewar" table with a bomb. The guitar is really close to the trs Martin 0028. The handle is attached and is al took the shiny patent of all of the guitar. The mother of pearl inlay and white binding are superb and there's no tape. The icing on the cake, the frets are made of bone, I just wish the plastic bridge pins that clashes a bit with the quality of the whole.


The handle again make me think of the strong run Martin, discreet and comfortable, he lets himself go easy with little time to adapt. CHAC is suitable to acute, but will ease the choice of pan-stroke version is also available in the range, it will also team of pr-and micro amp. The grip and balance are satisfactory and trs the weight of the instrument is really the norm.
The grain of sound, more suited to blues, and harmonics are rich and surprising. I use the guitar with strings Martin Clapton signature Dadarios to replace original equipment (which are nevertheless of good quality), but hey, I prfre Martin or the Elixir phosphor bronze. Matter of taste.


The sounds are full and warm with a big firm in place and surprising for the size of the fund. Even if I take a lot of fun has played all styles of this guitar, it seems more suited to blues, bluesgrass or similar. The treble is clear and never be without prcis poor "btement" brilliant. The sounds are always clean and balance.


I use the guitar for only three weeks, it is open "run" and each day I am discovering more sduisant instrument. As you can see, I am plutt entousiaste and I play this guitar with as much (I'm DSOL fun as my Taylor 814. Be careful, I do not compare the Taylor provides benefits suprieures. For j'espre against and not to gnash teeth, I find that this small Blueridge has little envy Martin 0028. Woauw. pav What in the pond, there is a guy who can compare one China and one Martin. Sacrilge. Can be, but this little guitar Fully built in solid wood with beautiful trs quality is really a Discoveries for me. I made Hills Music in the acquisition a luthier trs known in Belgium for its high-end instruments and sells Blueridge for 15 years with conviction. I forget a dtail , HOW you say to a solid guitar that seems to have such qualities ... 2000, 2500 Eur. DSOL not 850.00 euros plus a hundred euros for the chest size. If you cross the try-l. Really.