judeisback 07/25/2012

Blueridge BR 70 CE : judeisback's user review


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manufactured in China but in the best local factory.


the handle is a highway on which one never pays the toll ...
the guitar is beautiful both in the realization that's the sound that emanates from it.


this guitar can be used in many styles: pop rock, country, accompanying various short, it is very versatile and sounds both brilliant and warm.


I bought it last week but it's been a while since I turned around, hoping to find used but it is mission impossible.
during the weekend, I saw my friends who had two guitarists taylor (one 18 years of age) and largely arrived at Blueridge (I'm not above because after this is about but felt I preferred the Blueridge).
also compared to a Gibson J45 this weekend, the U.S. is behind.
if I had tons of guitars more or less good (300 to 3500 €), this one is the best for now. I also have a Cort M710FX that sounds crazy and is also made in china. I said that I am not alone in finding superb sound and Cort and Blueridge.
short, those who hesitate to buy it online, be aware that music leader can tell you having to € 830 if you trade like me. special dedication to the music leader of St Jean in Lyon which allowed me to buy it and have been super pro instantly. go see them, they deserve it.
for now "failure" which is not one that is very powerful and we must learn to tame it so to speak. this is not a problem for people who have slowly but I've always been a savage who put the rhythm in his game and the blow sent the wood ...
Another shortcoming: the mechanics are a little cheap but it is, they hold no problem tuning.
matter quality: super sound simple acoustic or plugged, look fabulous, nacre quality, beautiful head, the back of the guitar is just a beautiful wood, the game is easy and absolutely does not hurt your fingers.
brief looks like another, except for a guitar that will improve over time because it's massive.
as you will understand, I happily recommend!!