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All user reviews for the Blueridge BR 70 CE

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 5 reviews )
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MGR/preacherman's review"Blueridge BR-70"

Blueridge BR 70 CE
the color is dirty blond top and gorgeous back and sides. the detail is awesome. I play gospel bluegrass and blues and they all sound great coming from this guitar, I play rythm and the blue grassers really like it

I purchased this guitar from 8th street music and i paid 550 dollars because it had a rattle that my luthier fixed real easy.I had one of these and it was stolen. i loved the guitar so i bought another one.

I love the detail and the abalone but the sound is wonderful. I put tusq pins and a plate mate in it and wow!!!!!

some of the tuners are hard to turn but a shot of oil should fix that.

As far as i can see the construction and quality of the unit is outstanding. I had my other one three years with no problems.

This guitar is the best i have owned and that includes a 1000 dollar martin. the beauty and sound together make this maybe the best guitar in its price range. I saw some on the net today that were 746 dollars. You may have to hear one to understand.

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MGR/steven marbury04/08/2004

MGR/steven marbury's review"Blueridge BR70"

Blueridge BR 70 CE

$449 with case and free shipping.

Really nice, rich sound, great design detail, and the price.
Fast neck.

Not a lot.

Rosewood backs, sides, and a full D-41 style, abalone trim...

Sitka Spruce top with hand-carved parabolic braces

East Indian Rosewood fingerboard and bridge

Rosewood back, sides and peghead overlay

mother-of-pearl peghead inlay

abalone pearl inlay on soundhole rosette, top and fingerboard

Bone nut and saddle

Very happy I bought this guitar.

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MGR/Mark's review"Blueridge BR70"

Blueridge BR 70 CE
I bought it from Maury`s Music ,it was an online purchase from Maury`s website.It was $394.00

This guitar is one of the best sounding guitars I have ever played.I have owned alot of really nice acoustic guitars,a D28 Martin,Gibson J200,Taylor Dan Crarey model,0001 Martin and a bunch of other guitars Alvarez Yairi DY45 a couple Yamahas and Ibanez,a couple Ovations .Every time I pick up the BR70 I can`t put it down,the tone is amazing ,it sounds as good if not better than alot of high end guitar I have played.

the tuners aren`t that great.

the construction is very good,the BR70 I got is very neat and clean inside,no globs of glue or anything like that.

I have always been a you get what you pay for believer,but this guitar is much ,much more than I paid for.It sounds as good as any D28 Martin I have played ,not to say it sounds just like one but as good.The tone is very crisp and clean with plenty of bass ,a very well balanced guitar,with plenty of volume.

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MGR/Dick Joiner07/11/2003

MGR/Dick Joiner's review"Blueridge BR-70"

Blueridge BR 70 CE
I recently bought a Blueridge BR-70 off the internet ($405 w/case). I bought it "Pig in a poke" based on having played a BR-160.

I didn't know what the BR-70 would sound like. I bought it based on the description, picture, and the fact that I had played the BR-160. It has the good looks of a D-41 Martin and the neck of a J-45 Gibson. It plays easy and has an excellent strong voice.

So far, there's not a thing I would change.

Furniture, fit, and finish on this one is as good as it gets. I'll put next to any other guitar on the market regardless of price.

This is a guitar that plays and sounds as good as it looks. Time is the final test of any good guitar. Playability is something that can be controlled to a certain extent, but, age dictates the tonal characteristics and drive. The good ones usually get better with age. If this one lives up to that theory, it will be the best guitar I've ever owned.

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judeisback's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Blueridge BR 70 CE
manufactured in China but in the best local factory.


the handle is a highway on which one never pays the toll ...
the guitar is beautiful both in the realization that's the sound that emanates from it.


this guitar can be used in many styles: pop rock, country, accompanying various short, it is very versatile and sounds both brilliant and warm.


I bought it last week but it's been a while since I turned around, hoping to find used but it is mission impossible.
during the weekend, I saw my friends who had two guitarists taylor (one 18 years of age) and largely arrived at Blueridge (I'm not above because after this is about but felt I preferred the Blueridge).
also compared to a Gibson J45 this weekend, the U.S. is behind.
if I had tons of guitars more or less good (300 to 3500 €), this one is the best for now. I also have a Cort M710FX that sounds crazy and is also made in china. I said that I am not alone in finding superb sound and Cort and Blueridge.
short, those who hesitate to buy it online, be aware that music leader can tell you having to € 830 if you trade like me. special dedication to the music leader of St Jean in Lyon which allowed me to buy it and have been super pro instantly. go see them, they deserve it.
for now "failure" which is not one that is very powerful and we must learn to tame it so to speak. this is not a problem for people who have slowly but I've always been a savage who put the rhythm in his game and the blow sent the wood ...
Another shortcoming: the mechanics are a little cheap but it is, they hold no problem tuning.
matter quality: super sound simple acoustic or plugged, look fabulous, nacre quality, beautiful head, the back of the guitar is just a beautiful wood, the game is easy and absolutely does not hurt your fingers.
brief looks like another, except for a guitar that will improve over time because it's massive.
as you will understand, I happily recommend!!