Taylor 214ce
Taylor 214ce

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 7 reviews )
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SonicPulverizer's review"Gorgeous bursted top!"

Taylor 214ce
The new color series from taylor has added a tobacco sunburst and solid black finish to most of the series in their catalogue. This is a very exciting update, especially concerning the lower priced models such as the 200 series, which benefit greatly from the enhanced visuals. The 214ce by itself is a pretty well equipped guitar, utilizing a solid sitka spruce top complimented by rosewood laminate back and sides. In my experience, Taylor's laminate materials often sound just as good if not better than their hardwood counterparts. The neck is a ultra comfortable 25 1/2" scaled sapele design, the fingerboard being a slick ebony. The onboard electronics are made up of Taylor's proprietary ES-T system. A rosette and body binding emphasize a sleek visual effort and makes you feel that you've spent your money well.


The ventian cutaway looks very good and gives you unhindered access. The sapele neck offered is one of the more comfortable examples on an acoustic guitar. Taylor's Grand auditorium body shape sits very comfortably in your lap, and combined with the laminate sides, this guitar projects much louder than the more expensive hardwood models. I enjoyed the ease of use of the onboard electronics. Each control has a noticeable "notch" along it's movement that indicates the center position. Tuning stability was above average.


I played the Taylor 214ce-sb both unplugged and amplified, alternating between finger style playing and using a plectrum.

The 214, as with most Taylors, are inherently bright sounding. I found that this particular model had a more mellow high end and this translated favorably when amplified. I felt that the guitar fared better with finger style play, but using a plectrum works equally as good. Amplified, the guitar sounds marvelous. The controls on the ES-T system were very responsive and allowed for a great deal of tone sculpting.


The Taylor 214ce-sb is an excellent electric acoustic guitar for the money. The updated visuals greatly enhance the desirability of the series. A perfectly gig-able, performance instrument.

C@thy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent classic with an easy handle!"

Taylor 214ce
I chose this guitar for its sound and especially the handle that is easy to play, slightly concave and has easy access to the 17th fret with cutaway!

Micro, I has nothing. The only thing certain is that with a Marshall amp AS100, the sound is wonderful, there is no breath.
on the other hand I was forced to add a kind of plastic cap at € 6.10 at Thomann (https://www.thomann.de/fr/planet_waves_pwsh01.htm) to have no feedback when I play group. I think this is the case of any guitars that have a nice sounding.

Régalages on the guitar are simple and effective. Detail, the battery wears out quickly.


The handle is fantastic! It looks like the neck of an electric guitar!

Access to acute right through the cutaway.


I bought this guitar to play a style: Rodrigo y Gabriela. I saw that they were equipped with Yamaha. I tried the store, but the soundboard was small and the sound reproduction not powerful enough for my taste.
So I tried this guitar by chance and I was seduced.
Then with this guitar, I play Jazz and Bossa by adding the chorus.


I use it for 3 years. I was used to a traditional classical guitar. But the wide sleeve not attract me, I worked various agreements.
What I am most about this guitar is its classic sound but with powerful sounds!
What I also like is his handle very nice and the ability to tease the 17th fret from time to time!
I love the sound of this guitar when plugged into my Marshall amp.
In short it is a good scratch!

C@thy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent guitar"

Taylor 214ce
Taylor - 214ce N Nylon - acoustic electric guitars

Nylon strings
String handle as long and thin (a marvel to play)
Grand Auditorium Cutaway Nylon
Sides: Laminated Rosewood
Sitka Spruce table
Electronics ES-N ®: not a breath perfect quality
Venetian cutaway: easy access to acute
Tusq nut
Nut width 4.76 cm
Special nylon barrier
Ebony fingerboard
Binding White
Classical mechanical Chrome with Pearloid buttons
Satin back and sides
Varnished table
Satin handle
Number of Frets 20
D'Addario Classical Strings Extra Hard Tension


Handle very nice as fine rounded.
Strikethrough pass all alone, a wonder.
Access to acute and easy with the cutaway.


I love the crystal clear sound when I push the treble.
They can get beautiful sounds serious with a good control of the knob.


Suits my style of music.
At the beginning I played Rodrigo y Gabriela, I tried Yamaha guitars are nice when they are connected but have no power in pure acoustics.

This guitar is sublime acoustics. Once connected, you can get the sound you want with a good amp.
With this guitar, I play jazz, bossa and I enjoy.

For entry-level price, you can access the Taylor series, the building is beautiful, beautifully finished, the sound very well.

Excellent quality / price ratio.

seb2b's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not a true classic but true good guitar"

Taylor 214ce
It's a Mexican, the table is made of spruce macif. Back and eclises are wooden reported.
Nylon string ebony fingerboard.

All very well mounted


I wanted a nylon string acoustic for a few pieces and I do not want to be completely out of place in a true classical guitar with super wide handle, and is nickel, the handle and a little wider than a standard steel string but to it quickly enough.

Many critical TES I am not part of ones I find simple and effective settings, I have no breath.

The cutaway allows easy access to the box 17, anyway I am rarely venture beyond the 15th box.


AC softness of nylon strings but this is not a true classic, but for the little I used it suits me perfectly.
I use either my Vox AGA70 console either directly through a pedal Zoom A3. Fits me perfectly.


I use it for about 1 year. I have not tried other models, there is relatively little guitar shop in my area, but I hesitated with Yamaha NTX1200R.
The handle thinner (on paper) of the Taylor convinced me to take it.

The value for money is excellent, almost 1000th for a massive guitar is completely terrible.

However this guitar gives me great service and I think I would do this choice again.

kl3mko@hotmail.com's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not bad"

Taylor 214ce
Cutaway guitar (I forget the source)


Good grip


Taylor guitars deliver an exceptional sound quality!

For an entry-level, it is doing it is not too bad


Guitar kept 2 years, with whom I played a lot and experienced.

Very good investment if you want a quality guitar, with beautiful sounds.

My opinion remains moderate because I often have the opportunity to play on the higher end models (814) and see the difference!

Cyrpé's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The little creature who is not afraid of anything"

Taylor 214ce
I would first like to say that this guitar was made in Mexico, not the USA (only from series 3). But after long consideration, I have seen no default. For specifications, a small recap, quickly:
- Solid Sitka spruce top.
- Back and sides Indian rosewood satin
- Mahogany.
- Ebony Button
- Binding on the table.
- X Barage
- Mechanical oil bath, chrome.
- Rosette inlaid.
- Comes with semi-rigid case.
The electronics are Taylor brand and meets quite well the sound of the guitar is really good stuff, simpler than the fishman and both my taste.


The first time I tried it, I was struck by the playing comfort and versatility.
Are accessed without acute problem, the sustain is good, very balanced weight and I find it extremely lightweight for its size.
To clarify this point, I would add that it is well between a triple 0 type and jumbo Martin. I think that's what gives it roundness in his so special.
When the sound ... I'll be right!


Aaah it's a real treat, a pure delight. I have long scoured the forums and stores. So yes, this is not the mahogany and blah blah blah ... But what I wanted was initially versatility, and even though the series 3 and 4 of the manufacturer and the Martins are great guitars (and I hesitated with their GT model 000-16) , so I decided it is its price of course, and feel the beast fits without problem all my playing styles
I said that the sound I is large, (mostly blues with Clapton, R. Johnson, JL Hooker, E Bibb, Poppa Chubby, etc. ..) but also Dylan through the Innocents, Black Desire, Brassens, Renaud Bob marley etc. ..
Tested on a Roland AC60 store, makes it sound great on my Ibanez Troubadour T20.
The sound is round, crisp and ... surprisingly powerful. Amplification ES-Taylor is damn efficient with the ability to switch between two different sensors.


I use it for 2 days (for at least 3 hours per day)
before cracking, I tried takamines, 2 martins (000-16GT, omc1e), an Ibanez and Tanglewood. All these manufacturers have qualities and do not forget that, like art lovers, taste in sound is first very subjective, so I will not say wrong. For my part, I find that Taylor has a unique sound and a handle really accessible.
I appreciate that it is delivered in semi-rigid case, it is available for this range of guitar (and the same quality, cheaper than Martin).
Voila, after 10 years of small scenes, oxen, evenings, répets with the good old Epiphone Pr 100 (which ages very well by the way), I really feel like starting from scratch with this pretty little beast not afraid of anything and is a tribute to my ears.

I would notice this in a few months if I find something new, but for now, yes, I would do this choice without hesitation for about ;)
Pierro La O01/10/2013

Pierro La O's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The Beautiful wooden rings"

Taylor 214ce
Grand Auditorium electro acoustic preamp Taylor ES - MAde in USA
20 frets
Cutaway Venetian style
Back and Sides Laminated Rosewood
Mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard.
Sitka spruce top Solid fir Québecois great :)
satin varnish finish.
Very nice finish, it recognizes a well made guitar.


Guitar mild and pleasant, fast and comfortable handle.

Access to acute very good, cutaway oblige.

The tuners are of good quality, accurate and well keep the agreement.

It veillit well, very white to start, take the table a golden appearance.


It sounds like it to clear the air, just elegant and the only downside is the lack of sound power had to the sides and back Rosewood laminate and solid non-
It therefore lacks serious depth or safe, either.

Sounds balanced but lacks power when pushed a bit even if the sound is excellent.


I bought it in August 2008, after having tried 5mn store while I have not a compulsive buyer.
Big thunderbolt!
At the same time I was at the time a Sherwood (what?! There are guitars too?) On which I started so I would not say the wrong here.
But clearly at the serious sherwood explodes the Taylor but only on that.

Here I do not pretend to compare to other guitars of the same class, I have not tried hard enough for it.
All I can say is that this is a very good guitar really fun to tickle.
We would have liked the whole massive but well worth the money but bought 1100euros 800 euros in Andorra :)
at this price I would remake the choice without hesitation.