Taylor Guitars user reviews

  • Taylor  GS Mini

    Taylor GS Mini - "Beware of high saddle and its spacers"


    I bought it brand-new in 2018 and played few hours a day, then after 3 months my ears are too tired of trebly Taylor sound that I had to pause my guitar practice for a while. Eventually, Little Martin saved me (I got Koa model) but I wondered why my …

  • Taylor 355ce

    Taylor 355ce - "Taylor 355ce 12 string"


    Have used this instrument for both strumming and finger picking over the past 10 years. It has a lovely warm clear sound but be careful how the onboard EQ is applied, i.e. too much bass = very 'muddy', and too much treble puts you in 'tinny' territo…

  • Taylor 210ce

    Taylor 210ce - "A Very Good Guitar"


    It really is a very good guitar, easy to play, thin neck, lightweight and great sound in both finger picking and with a pick. Nice sound projection with a very good low/mid/treble balance in 100% acoustic. Right-hand technique is very important to g…

  • Taylor  412ce

    Taylor 412ce - "Great Acoustic "


    This was my first really high quality acoustic guitar that I ever bought. I got lucky. I bought this New Old Stock so I paid a lot less for it and got in my opinion a better guitar. The guitar was already 8 years old and the wood had aged and had a m…

  • Taylor T5-S

    Taylor T5-S - "Nice guitar BUT"


    I use my Taylor t5 for; direct recording; through a Bose T1 PA with Behringer zenyx 1622 mixer or through my Fender Rumble bass amp (don't laugh, it really has a nice warm sound). I love Taylor guitars and this one is a very nice, well made guitar…

  • Taylor XXXV-TF

    Taylor XXXV-TF - "No faults only joyousness"


    I purchased this guitar new from a local dealer after looking at it for several years (KOA is my favorite) and previously purchasing several Taylors (my favorite). I played it often and studied it very closely. After saving the purchase price and fin…

  • Taylor GS Mini (Mahogany Top)

    Taylor GS Mini (Mahogany Top) - "Small with a good tone"


    If you are searching for something that is affordable and very nice to take around to travel with even if you are not a gigging musician than the Taylor GS Mini is the way to go. This guitar is small and durable; it has a beautiful finish and feel to…

  • Taylor Baby Mahogany

    Taylor Baby Mahogany - "The size is good"


    The Taylor Baby Mahogany has an ebony bridge with 19 frets on it. The finish on this guitar is very beautiful and rich. I have used this guitar for a long time but I do sort of classify it as a “beginner’s guitar” but not because of the quality. The…

  • Taylor 214ce

    Taylor 214ce - "Gorgeous bursted top!"


    The new color series from taylor has added a tobacco sunburst and solid black finish to most of the series in their catalogue. This is a very exciting update, especially concerning the lower priced models such as the 200 series, which benefit greatly…

  • Taylor  GS Mini

    Taylor GS Mini - "Incredible player's acoustic" has images


    The Taylor Gs Mini incorporates a beautiful sitka spruce top and sapele laminate back and sides. A 23 1/2" scale length allows for an enjoyable elasticity in playing feel. No onboard electronics are present but you do have the option of purchasing th…